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Puja in 2 Temples for Sarpa Dosham

Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple & Srikalahasti Raahu Kethu Temple
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The Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple in Kerala is one of the most religious temples when it comes to the devotees who pray to the serpent gods. The Sri Kalahasti Temple is an iconic temple that worships Lord Shiva and is situated in Andhra Pradesh.
It is said that the King of Kalakkad visited the temple, seeking a cure for his leprosy. Upon completing his penance in front of the status of the serpent king, he was miraculously cured. In gratitude, the king ordered the repair and expansion of the temple, and made it into the current majestic structure that it is today. It is said that a spider wove a web around a Shiva lingam and protected it from the sun and rain. The snake would worship the lord everyday and an elephant would bathe it daily. One day, a tussle engaged between the snake and the elephant and it resulted into the elephant crashing into the lingam which resulted in the death of all the three creatures. Lord Shiva then freed his devotees and hence the temple was named after the spider(Sri), the snake(Kala) and the elephant(Hasti).
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