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Chakkulathukavu Bhagavathy Devi Temple, Ayyavadi Mahapratiyankara Devi Temple, Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple, Mandaikadu Bhagavathy Devi Temple

Puja In 4 Temples for Relief from Black Magic/Vasheekaranam, Kerala
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Goddess Bhagawathi is one of the most popular deities of this region. Devotees from all over South India visit this temple to offer prayers to the Goddess. It is believed that a prayer to this Goddess removes obstacles faced due to black magic and other such issues.The Ayyavadi Mahapratiyankara Devi Temple is situated in Ayyavadi, the village found in close proximity to Kumbakonam, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Kadampuzha Bhagavathy temple was constructed to honour Goddess Durga. It is located at Kadampuzha, which is found in the district of Malapuram, which is situated in the southern state of Kerala.
Legend has it that the 5 Pandava brothers came here and placed their firearms beneath a tree. After which, they prayed to Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi and roamed the jungles. Since this is the place where the Panadava brothers held communion, this place became well known as Aivar Padi, and it was, after some years, named as Ayyavadi.Legend has it, that Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, battled Lord Shiva during the manifestation of Kirata.
On the Friday of every night, the idol of the Goddess is completely covered with Thechi flowers, which are a favourite of the Goddess. This ritual called, the poo moodal is funded by the devotees who want the ritual to be carried out.
People of the village believe that the Goddess grants all the wishes of the devotees and frees them from all the problems that they're facing in their day to day lives. 
The major festival is Pongala which takes place in the temple between the months of November and December. Lakhs of women devotees gather around the temple as early as even one week before the function.A ritual by the name of Muttu Neekal is performed by the priest on behalf of the devotees for providing them with knowledge, to ensure that their children are in the best of health, for finding a suitable marital match and for relief from various diseases.
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