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Puja For Relief From Black Magic/Vasheekaranam

Puja For Relief From Black Magic/Vasheekaranam, Vazhappully RajaRajeshwari Temple, Kerala
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The Vazhapully Rajarameshwari Temple is more than 500 years old. It is a family temple which is situated towards the west of Edamuttom in the District of Thissur which is found in the state of Kerala.
Legend has it that many years ago, a family by the name of “Eranezhath” from south-mid Travancore located to Thalikulam located in the Trichur District. Some members of this family relocated to the south of Kazhimbram and rechristened themselves as “Eranezhath Vazhappully”. Over time, they came to be referred to as “Vazhappully”. Because of this, even today, no marriage relations are allowed between the Vazhappully and Eranezhath familes
Mr. Narasimha Swamikal had predicted that when Goddess Bhadrakali would transform into Goddess Rajarajeswari, there would be some unusual changes in nature at the time of the installation of the diety. When the idol was being re installed in 1947, the torso of an enormous tree - 'Mimusops Elengi' that was located at the southern side of the temple collapsed into two parts and dropped to the floor, thereby showing how powerful the Goddess Rajarajeswari was. This was said to be a divine miracle that was witnessed by the elders of the village, then. The idol of Goddess Rajarajeshwari, is installed here, however, when people pray to her they chant the mantra in the favour of the divine Goddess Bhadrakali.
The Goddess is said to protect the place. Followers belonging to different castes, religions and even people from other parts of the world, besides India come here to seek the blessings of the Goddess. The Gandharva Dosha that is believed to cause miscarriages, infertility, fights in marriages and depression in married women. Performing this ritual can help to get rid of the negative consequences of the dosha.
The following festivals are commemorated here- Makarapathu Maholsavam: This festival is celebrated every year during the Tamil month of Makaram, on the tenth day. Elephants are decorated beautifully during this festival and on the day of Makarapathu Mahosavam, 9 or more elephants pass the temple ground. They adorn beautiful bells, sparkly ornaments and colourful headdresses and rhythmic music in the form of drums, is played. In the evening, there are beautiful fireworks that light up the dark sky, devotees are served free food in the temple in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner, after which there are a number of cultural programs that are hosted for entertainment.
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