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Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple
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Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Devi Temple is situated in Malappuram in the Southern state of Kerala. Even though the main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva, but significance is given to Bhagavathy due to some special reasons. Other deity in the temple is Lord Ganesha.
King Madhantha was a successful ruler of this territory in ancient days. He was also an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He went all the way to Mount Kailash and performed a severe penance. Lord Shiva answered the penance by appearing before, and asked, what the king wishes to have?. Being a selfless man, the king could not think of any other thing to ask and so he asked for a Lingam that he could worship for the rest of his life. Considered his penance and his nature, Lord Shiva was completely pleased that he took the Lingam that was worshipped by Parvathi and gave it to him. The king carried the Lingam back on his head to Kerala and installed it in the temple. When Goddess Parvathi came to know that her favourite lingam is gone she got angry and sent her daughter Bhagavathy with a big army to get the idol back. When Goddess Bhagawathy reached the temple with the army, the light emanating from the idol was so bright that it was almost blinding the eyes. Hence the goddess and the army could not climb the hill, where the temple is situated. So they halted at the base of the temple and started throwing arms from there.
Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Devi Temple is built in the traditional Kerala Style. Pujas are offered in two places in this temple. Moolasthanam is the place where the main deity dwells . Moolasthanam and Matrusala are the two places where pujas are offered. Morning Puja is conducted in Moolasthanam early in the morning before 6 PM. Usha Puja is performed in Matrusala at 6 am in the morning. It is then followed by PantheeradiPooja, UchiKaala Puja, Thirunji Puja, and a puja after the sunset which is called as AthazhaPooja.
Pooram festival is observed for 11 days during the month of March. One can see twenty one Arattuus during the festival. Recital of one lakh slokas praising deity is recited. Those who want to get married perform Mangalya Puja to the lord Vinayaka.
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