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  • Ukkadam Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Kovai Ukkadam Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Coimbatore Tamilnadu

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The temple that is dedicated for the Lakshmy NArasimha, one of the major deities of the Hindu religion is located in the Ukkadam town. Considering the ancient times Tamilnadu which was partnered in to different regions, it included the current Tamil Nadu and Kongu Nadu. The temple belongs to the Ukkadam Town, very close to the Bus stand. Today, the Coimbatore district became also popular as the Kongu Nadu.The Ukkadam Bus Stand is Near To Temple and can be reached by walk from Coimbatore Railway Station, collectorate and Police Commissioner Office. The Coimbatore Airport is around 13 kilometer away from the Temple.Mythologically, it indicates that this temple is very much connected to other cities and villages in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu.
The region Kongu Nadu denotes the existence of various temples. Although there are many temples in this District, some of the temples are famous because of its region and its culture or the merging of the culture of different temples. This temple is mainly located in the South of Ukkadam and is in the centre of the town, close to the Bus stand.
This temple is considered to be significant as it was built up in the ancient age and was maintained till date. The deity worship of this temple is very powerful so that the devotees with pure mind and body visit the temple to get the blessings from the Lakshmi Narasimha Moorthy.
Thaippoosam and Brahmotsavm are very much related to the mythological perspectives of the temple. Brahmotsava is the main seva treated in the temple. One of the best events or the gatherings of the Temple include the Thaippoosam festival. It is during this festival that more than 10000 people visit the temple daily. It is a very famous festival of the temple. Thaippoosam (also referred to as Thaipusam) is one of the oldest and traditional festivals celebrated for the Lord Muruka. It is believed that Vel or the spear would take of your adverse characters and complicated natures and reflects in happy and peaceful environments.
The temple celebrates different festivals that are of great importance every year. The commonly celebrated list of the festivals ar5e provided herewith: Brahmotsavam of ten days special poojas and deities, Narasimha Jayanthi celebrations, Navarathri festival, vaikunta ekadashi, panguni month deities and worships, Thaipoosam or the float festival, etc. Brahmotsava is one of the finest and most well known festivals of the Murukan temple. It is for this event that the chariots will be showcased with sculptured iconographies and traditions. It is celebrated mostly for about nine days where Lord will be carried in the golden chariots. It is a kind of holy cleansing ceremony as believed by most of the Hindu followers. It happens only once in a year and is of great importance. People strongly believe and conduct different holy masses as a part of this.
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