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  • Vedadri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
  • Vedadri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
  • Vedadri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
  • Vedadri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Vedadri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Jaggayyapeta, AndhraPradesh
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Vedadri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swammy Temple is located near river Krishna and is some 5900 years old, the people who have already visited feel obliged, and are keen to visit it again. Though the size of the temple is not huge, but the might of the spirits in the temple are worth the attraction, each season around thousands of NRI and tourists take a visit seeking the blessing and arriving with the hope that the blessing received would favor them in chasing and winning over the problems faced by them. The temple is tall and the top is milky white in color, the idol is purple in color and is ornamented heavily in Gold. It is picturesque to view it from a little far from where the view encompasses the river, sky and the tall standing temple. The backside of the temple has colorful pillars and carvings of various patterns. There is a small hut shaped structure and has a small linga in it.
The premises of the temples were taken for reconstruction in the year 2010, there also resides a small temple of Lord Shiva at the backside and is not more than 15 minutes ride from Jaggaiahpet; the main deity honored here is Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, and is known to exist in five different forms namely: Jwala Narasmiha on Vedasikhara of the Mountains. Yogananda Narasimha consecrated by saga Rishya Srinagar. Saligrahma Narasimha in the River Krishnaveni.?Veera Narasimhra on Garudadari. Laxmi Narasimhra on its own peetam. The deity is known by two names:?1. Vugranarasimhaswamy.?2. Viranarasimhaswamy.
The structure of the temple is conventional and consists of minute paintings and a beautiful yoga pose of Narasimha to greet the visitors; it is brightly colored, and is tall and elegant to show its might. There are several eccentric temples existing at different places evidencing the events of the legendary phase. The fundamental of the temple is that, the Vedas, were once stolen by somasura from Brahma, Lord Brahma then consulted Lord Vishnu to procure the stolen Veda, the Veda was taken by the Somasura deep in the ocean; Lord Vishnu helped him to fetch the Vedas back. The Vedas to thank Lord Vishnu took the form of humans and was requested to rest with them. Lord Brahma by himself brought the moorty of Saligrahma to River Krisnaveni and was erected on the Saligrahma.It's festival is known as Kalyanotsav, falls within the month of Vaisakha is a festival which is celebrated in a full-fledged manner, apart from this the festival of Narasimha Jayanthi is celebrated with gathering of huge crowd, and is an attraction for thousands of non local'ites. Lord Narasimha is known for its anger and symbolizes the God's ability and willingness to aid his devotees, know the presence of God (God is everywhere)This holy sanctum of divine grandeur has carved a hole in the hearts of all the visitors who respect & honor the deity and satisfied their mortal desires.
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