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  • Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple
  • Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple
  • Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple
  • Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple
  • Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple
  • Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple

Trichambaram Srikrishna Temple

Trichambaram,Kannur, Kerala
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The shrine of Sri Krishna can be found sited in the village of Taliparamba, which is cited in the district of Kannur, which is based in the south Indian state of Kerala.
There was a well renowned saint by the name of Sambaran who was believed to have meditated in this shrine and because of this; this shrine is referred to by the name- 'Trichambaram'.
The idol which is of prime significance which is associated with this shrine is that of Lord Krishna following Kamsavadham. While one can view Trichambaram Sreekrishna sitting in Raudra manner, which is regarded to be rather ferocious, people who live in the vicinity of the shrine and around it are of the opinion that one must not pray to the Lord throughout dawn. In this shrine, Lord Krishna is seen in the form of a small child and he is seen trying to slay the evil, Kamsa. The main altar of the shrine is seen to be in the shape of a circle, it has two floors and it has a canopy which is made out of copper. There is a gold colored thazika kuddam which is found on top of it. The shrine is believed to very significant from the point of view of an archeologist and one can see a magnificent set of mural works of art which are located within the shrine. Carvings and pictures that depict panoramas from the great epic that belongs to India- the Mahabharata are seen engraved on wood. The murals that are rather beautiful date back to the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries. The idol of Lord Krishna is seen facing the eastern direction, the great Goddess Mahalaxmi can be seen seated in a pond of floating lotuses during the peak of the summer season and it is believed to be theertham. Every devotee can take a holy dip inside the water body which can be found towards the northern direction of the shrine of Goddess Durga. Moreover, towards the north western direction of the main shrine, there is a separate shrine which is built to commemorate the great Lord Shiva. Also, to the northern side of the shrine there is a cow shed, but in today's times it is seen to be empty as there are no cows.
The shrine celebrates the yearly temple festival, and it is celebrated on a grand scale for a period of fourteen days, it is said to begin on the 6th of March, usually the festival commences with the hoisting of the holy flag, and this festival comes to an end on the 20th of March. On this day, Lord Krishna's kin- Balarama, his brother is gotten to this shrine and these two idols reside together at the shrine of Trichambaram. For a period of eleven days, during this festival, there is a ritualistic dance which is performed, while carrying the idols of Lord Krishna and his brother Balarama. On the very final day of the celebration, his brother's idol is taken back to the shrine of Dharmikulangara and Krishna stays in the Trichambaram shrine.
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