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  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems

Thottuva Dhanwanthri Temple

Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems, Thottuva Ernakulam Kl
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The presiding deity in this temple is Lord Dhanwanthri and his idol is about six feet tall. It is made to face the easterly direction. The deity holds Amrit or nectar in his right hand and with his left hand; he holds the Chakra, Shank and the Atta. The sub-deities here are Ayyappan, Bhadrakali, Rakshas and Ganapathy. Fresh milk is offered in this temple and butter is considered as a very important offering.
In the Puranas, it is mentioned that Lord Dhanwanthri appeared from Palazhi or the Sea of Milk and carried a bowl of Amrit or the elixir of life. The narration says that gods and demons were busy churning this Palazhi as they were seeking a cure for senility on account of the curse laid upon them by Rishi Durvasav.
There is a firm belief among the devotees that many illnesses can get cured by offering prayers and meditating in this temple. Experts who have been practising the medicine of Ayurveda come here often to meditate. Krishna Tulasi was considered as the favourite medicine of Lord Dhanwanthri. To this day, this medicine has taken care of many bronchial ailments. There is a small brook that flows to the east on the south side of this temple. Devotees plunge in for a bath in this small stream before entering the temple for prayers. Those suffering from chronic sicknesses consider the Thottuva Dhanwanthri temple as a destination to obtain relief from their sufferings. It is not only the ones practising Ayurveda medicine but doctors from all disciplines come to this temple and offer prayers for success in their respective professions.
The temple is managed by the Koramboor Mana family and the Sri Dhanwanthri Moorthi Seva Trust. Lord Dhanwanthri is considered as a semi-incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is responsible for the universal maintenance.
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