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  • Puja For Gandharva Dosham-Rajarajeshwari Temple
  • Puja For Gandharva Dosham-Rajarajeshwari Temple
  • Puja For Gandharva Dosham-Rajarajeshwari Temple

Rajarajeshwari Temple

Puja For Gandharva Dosham, Vazhapully,Edamuttom,Thrissur, Kerala
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This temple is the only temple in India which solves the problem of GandharvaDosha. This dosha is the cause of infertility in women, including depression and hysteria. This causes a lot of trouble in the married life. Childless couples from all over India come here with their wish of a child. Rajarajeshwari Temple is an ancient temple which dates back to about 500 years old. This is situated in the Thrissur, in the state of Kerala. Historians believe that the idol of Goddess Rajarajeswari was installed in the year 1947 in the form of a panchola idol. Legends unfold the story that long back, one of the kings belonging to the Vazhapully family meditated and did penance in order to get darshan from the great , LordVimana Gandharva, was considered as the King of Gandharvas in those times and pleased by his devotion he made an appearance before him. Since, the lord himself set foot in this spot, his soul is considered to be still residing there which blesses all the women and relieves them of the dosha.
Significance of the temple Rajarajeshwari Temple is a very important temple since it is the only temple in India where Gandharvadosham can be solved. Goddess Rajarajeswari is considered most powerful as she has the added powers of all the Goddess like : Mahalakshmi, Parvati, Saraswat and Bhadrakali. Being the all omnipotent Goddess, she is believed to bless the devotes with wealth, prosperity and a happy life. Pooja and Benefits To relieve one of this Dosha and attain ultimate salvation, a special puja called the 'Vritham' is undertaken by women. This is a seven day long puja which includes : holding fasts, lighting diyas in front of the lord and performing the rituals as per the traditional norms. 'Vritam' is considered as a tapasya by the women and it is believed that those who observe this with full sincerity and devotion are blessed with child. Since, this is the only temple in India where the Lord grants such special wishes, an advance booking needs to be done in order to book a slot for performing the ritual. All the more women who chant the mantra 'SreeLalithaSahasranamajapa' every Friday in front of Goddess Rajarajeswari, is believed to be attain moksha. There are many benefits of observing this auspicious ritual. There are testimonials of women who have pertained to all the norms and bore the fruits, leading a happily married life. Some of the benefits include getting rid of problems such as inability to conceive, miscarriages, depression and other marriage related problems. Any women can take up this ritual irrespective of caste and creed which makes this temple all the more special. One can make an advance booking anytime of the year in order to book a time slot as well as a priest who can help to perform the rituals as per the tradition. Women should observe the fast and obey the stringent rules in order to achieve the desired results
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