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  • Thrissur Sri Vadakkumnathan Mahadevar Temple
  • Thrissur Sri Vadakkumnathan Mahadevar Temple
  • Thrissur Sri Vadakkumnathan Mahadevar Temple
  • Thrissur Sri Vadakkumnathan Mahadevar Temple

Thrissur Sri Vadakkumnathan Mahadevar Shiva Temple

Thrissur, Kerala
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This shrine of Vadakkumnatan Shiva is supposed to be one of the most renowned shrines that are based in the state of Kerala and the village of Thissur. This shrine is also referred to by the names- Tenkailasam as well as Vrshabcalam by the people who live in and around that locality. This shrine is constructed in order to commemorate the great Lord Shiva.The shrine of Vadakkumnathan Shiva can be found in the core of the small town of Thissur which is based in the southern state of Kerala, which is found in India.
Lord Shiva's idol, in this shrine, is represented by a Shiva ling, which is rather huge. It is always concealed under a hill which is made out of ghee, and because of this it is not easily visible. People who reside in this area are of the belief, that ghee has been presented to the Lord since many centuries, in this shrine, in spite of this; it does not possess any lewd smell and even during the summer months when it is scorching hot, the ghee does not dissolve or melt due to the rays of the sun and the heat.
The architectural style that was used to construct the shrine portrays the beautiful art as well as the manner in which shrines and buildings were constructed during the olden days, in the state of Kerala. The shrine of Vadakkumnathan Shiva is based on top of a mound and it is encircled by a gigantic wall that is made of stone for about nine acres of land. Inside the shrine, one can see a total four gateway towers, which are called gopurams, that each face the northern, southern, eastern and the western directions respectively. The wall which is made out of stone that encompasses the shrine, as well as the gateway towers are considered to be marvellous creations of architecture. One can see a multi shrine compound which is referred to by the names- Chuttambalam or Nalambalam, which can be found in the interior of the shrine that houses three temples which are of prime significance and these are built to commemorate Lord Rama as well as the great Lord Shiva who is also referred to or worshipped by the names- Vaddakkumnathan, Hari Hara, who is said to be an amalgamation of Gods Vishnu and Shiva and last but not the least, Shankanarayana. The left hand side of the entrance also houses an auditorium which is referred to as the Kuthambalam; this is a rather lovely construction which utilizes copper plates in order to construct its canopy, which is seen slanting. A number of cultural programs that are important to the state of Kerala are held in this auditorium. This shrine also houses a rather old arts centre, where one can witness carvings of wood, wall paintings that date back to the ancient times as well as old pieces of fine art.
The most important fiesta that is celebrated in this shrine is that of Mahashivaratri. A number of ethnic programs like dances, skits, singing of songs, etc are organized in the shrine, and people from not only India, but from the world over come here to take part in the celebrations. Also, the festival of Thissoor Pooram is celebrated annually throughout Medam, according to the Tamil calendar, the festival is carried out for three days and at night there are fireworks as well.
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