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  • Mammiyoor Sri Mahadevar Temple
  • Mammiyoor Sri Mahadevar Temple
  • Mammiyoor Sri Mahadevar Temple
  • Mammiyoor Sri Mahadevar Temple
  • Mammiyoor Sri Mahadevar Temple

Mammiyoor Sri Mahadevar Shiva Temple

Guruvayur, Kerala
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This shrine is found in the city of Guruvayur, which is cited in the district of Trissur, which is found in the state of Kerala. This shrine is apparently five hundred to a thousand years old.
After Lord Krishna left for Vaikunda, his house was destroyed by the ocean. The vigraha deity that he designed himself was seen buoyant on the ripples of the ocean. The deity was found by Jupiter and the God of wind, Vayu Bhagwan, and they were looking for a place to install it. They arrived in the state of Kerala, which was created by a saint by the name of Parasunama and they decided that they would install the deity on the river banks of Rudra teertha that was the abode of Shiva, then. When Lord Shiva came to know about this he was rather happy, to share his abode with Lord Krishna. This spot was referred to as Mahimai Oor, and it was rechristened as Mammiyoor, later on.
The shrine is said to organize a puja by the name of Ekadesha rudrabhisheka for the followers, to ensure their happiness and success. To participate or get this pooja performed on their behalf, enthusiasts need to pay a sum of 600 rupees. Many couples are said to take part in the thambati pooja jointly, for the purpose of having a strong marriage and they ask God to bless them with intelligent children. The shrine is also said to organize other poojas for the betterment of its followers, namely- naga pooja, rahu pooja, lakshminarayan pooja and uma maheshwara pooja which will enable them to have a good married life.
In order to get all the benefits of praying to Lord Guruvayyupan, it is recommended that followers should visit Mammiyoor and should pray to Lord Mahadeva. The shrine of Mammiyoor houses a number of idols such as Muruga, Vishnu, Ganpati, Brahmarakshas, Darma sasta, Goddess Bhagvati Amman and the snake Gods. This is said to be the only shrine that holds an extraordinary pooja referred to as the rig ved dhara that is characterized by the reciting of mantras from the Rig Ved. This pooja is carried out from 6.45 to 7.15 in the early morning. Followers can take part in the activities of the pooja by paying a certain amount of money. There are two kinds of homas that are conducted, which are dedicated to Lord Ganpati, one of them is a smaller one, which is for 250 rupees, there is also an intricate one, which a devotee can take part in, by paying a sum of 750 rupees. One can also take part in a homa which is supposed to cure people affected with certain illnesses and bless them with a rather long life, this homa is supposed to cost around 900 rupees.
Kids belonging to different states of India come to this shrine to engage in the Sangeetarcharna program. Aksharabyasa, that is sending the children to school for the first time, also takes place during this. There are extraordinary poojas that are performed in the temple during the festival of Maha Shiva ratri during the months of February to March. Male devotees can only enter the shrine wearing traditional attire, which is dhotis; they are not permitted inside if they wear a shirt and a pant.
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