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  • Tirutanni Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Tirutanni Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Tirutanni Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Tirutanni Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple

Tirutanni Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple

Thirutanni, TamilNadu
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Located in the Thiruthani village of Tamil Nadu, the temple is fully devoted for the Lord Murugan temple, as the name indicates. The place where the temple is currently located is come to be famous as the shrines of the six padaiveedus that is dedicated to the Skanda, popularly related to the Lord Subramanya. It is at this place that lord Muruga had married one of his consorts named the Valli.
The temple is considered to be one of the major temples in the state of Tamil Nadu, that was constructed during the ancient age. The temple was unique and stands out from the crowd due to the exciting architecture. The temple was derived from the Great Beller signification as mentioned in the different chapters in the Puranas or the religious sculptures or the theories. The holy feet of the Lord Muruga (supposed to be the sub deity of the temple) is also believed to exist surrounding the main shrine of the temple, where the Lord is placed and various rituals according to the religious perspectives are performed with the great deed of devotions and spirituality.
It is to be understood that the temple is located on a single rock that is located in the Tirutanni village of the Tamil Nadu. The rock that is assumed to be more than 700 feet from the sea level, makes it a better to worship. The temple is located close to the Benares of the South that is the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu that is famous for its textiles. The exact location of the temple is in the main road junction that is well known as the Madurai Chennai route. It is very well connected by the devotees from other countries and states as well. The panoramic view of the nature and the city from the top of the rock, where the temple is located would also give the importance of the significance of the temple to a large extent.
Out of the six padaiveedus of the Lord Murugan, this place is of the most importance for the Lord Muruga. When the Lord Muruga married one of hid consorts the Goddess Valli, the gold or the jewels were taken from this shells as believed by the common and the local devotes from all over the worlds. Hence the main deity is aldo situated in the way that that front face is towards you.
Being a temple that is fully dedicated to the Lord Muruga, the temple has various kinds of festivals that include the Thaipoosam, Kirtigai and Brahmotsava, that are considered major for the God and among them and are very famous and popular among the other rituals. This is celebrated especially every year and the temple will experience a heavy rush of the devotees from all over the state to view and get the blessings from the Lord Muruga.
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