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  • Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple
  • Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple
  • Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple

Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple

Kadampuzha,Malappuram, Kerala
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The Kadampuzha Bhagavathy temple was constructed to honour Goddess Durga. It is located at Kadampuzha, which is found in the district of Malapuram, which is situated in the southern state of Kerala. What distinguishes this temple, from all of the other temples across the country, is the fact that this temple doesn't house an idol of a God or Goddess.
Legend has it, that Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, battled Lord Shiva during the manifestation of Kirata. When Arjuna was meditating to receive an arrow called Pasupatham from Lord Paramasiva., Mukasura, a demon, transformed into a wild boar and started to destroy the trees that were surrounding Arjuna. Arjuna as well as Shiva, fired an arrow each, at the boar, killing it. Each of them claimed that their arrow killed it. After arguing for a long time, they decided that they would take on each other in a bow and arrow dual, and whoever emerged victorious would also be given the honour of killing the boar. In the dualo, Arjuna was defeated by Shiva. Arjuna, who was disappointed as he was defeated, placed a humongous stone facing him and started communing to Parasakti, the mother of the universe, by offering flowers to the stone. Seeing that the flowers fell at the feet of Kirati and Kirata, he was shocked, later he found out that they were actually Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva, they were pleased with his devotion and offered him the Pasupatham arrow.Another story goes by to say that, when Adi Sankaracharya was commuting one day, he passed through Kadampuzha, he was stuck in one place and he couldn't move any further, as he kept bumping into an invisible wall, from this he gathered that this was the spot where Goddess Parvathi in her 'Kirati' form and Lord Shiva in his 'Kirata' form, met.He prayed to the Goddess after which she showed up in front of him, she blessed him and vanished into a tiny hole inside the ground and he performed a puja there, to honour the Goddess, it is believed that the temple was constructed encompassing this hole.
On the Friday of every night, the idol of the Goddess is completely covered with Thechi flowers, which are a favourite of the Goddess. This ritual called, the poo moodal is funded by the devotees who want the ritual to be carried out.
A ritual by the name of Muttu Neekal is performed by the priest on behalf of the devotees for providing them with knowledge, to ensure that their children are in the best of health, for finding a suitable marital match and for relief from various diseases.
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