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  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
  • Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple

Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Shiva Temple

Kancheepuram, TamilNadu
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The Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple is an ancient temple located in Kancheepuram. It is one of the most important of the religious tourist spots that are found in the state of Tamil Nadu.
Historians are of the opinion that the temple was built somewhere around 600 AD by the Pallavas. The original appearance of the temple was very much different from the one that we see today. However, after the area came under the rule of the Cholas, they decided to break down the entire structure and rebuilt it in the form which symbolized their type of architecture. Further, Adi Sankara again got the entire temple remodeled and renovated along with other nearby temples somewhere in the 10th century. There is also evidence that a famous king of Vijayanagar, Pachiyappa Mudaliar was a great devotee of Ekambareshwarar Temple and often visited the temple to worship the lord. He made huge contributions to build the entire structure and provide amenities to the folks of the temple. In fact, his idol can be seen inside the temple, sitting on a horse back. Some historians also point to the fact that there was significant renovation that was carried out by Nattukottai Chettai around the year 1905. Perhaps it was the devotion of the people towards the lord and the temple which led to a set of renovations and renewal over the past years.
The temple is very significant since it forms a part of the Panchabhoota Stalam which refers to the five elements of nature that are embodied in the form of lingams. The five elements land, air, sky, water and fire are actually embodied into lingams and are placed in five different temples in South India. The Ekambareshwarar Temple is a part of this and has the manifestation of the lingam which symbolizes mother earth. Hence, people worship this temple in order to gain blessings for property or for building houses. The element earth is worshipped here with all rituals adhering to the Vedas.
Legend has it that once Goddess Parvati was meditating near a Mango tree. Lord Shiva decided to test her and hence started a fire in order to disturb her. Goddess Parvati on feeling the fire, prayed to her brother, Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu gently took away the moon from the head of Lord Shiva and showed the calm rays which cooled down the fire on Goddess Parvati. After this incident, the Lord again sent Ganga to mingle with her meditation and disrupt it. However, Goddess Parvati kept praying to Ganga nadi, converying the message that they were both sisters and hence hurting her meditation would affect Ganga in one way or the other. Thus, Goddess Parvati succeeded in her attempt to complete the entire penance which was for Lord Shiva. Shiva became very happy and hence he allowed Goddess Parvati to make his lingam with the help of the sand which came along with the Ganges River. The lord resided on the very spot near the mango tree and came to be known as Ekambareshwarar- the lord of Mango tree
Mahashivratri is the most important festival which is celebrated here on a grand scale and attracts thousands of devotees and tourists every year.
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