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Kodungallur Bhagavathi Devi Temple

Kodungallur Thrissur Kerala
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Located amidst a scenic lush of banyans and peepal, the Kodungallur Bhavathy Temple rests at Kondungallur, Kerala. The temple pays homage to the mighty goddess Bhadrakali and is unique in its own might. The idol of the goddess has eight hands, each carrying an item of significance, including one carrying the head of an Asura.
The legends claim that the temple was built by the sixth avatar of Vishnu, a Sage named Parasurama. The temple was built for the prosperity of the people. Old folklore also points to the fact that the Bhagavathi temple was constructed in the core of the old town several centuries ago to fulfill a special and sacred reason. Saint Parsurama is said to have created Kerala, gods own land. Parsurama was harassed by a demon called Daruka. To liberate himself of these woes, Parsurama was said to have prayed to lord Shiva to sought his help. Lord Shiva answered the troubled saint amidst his penance, and instructed him to build the shrine instilling Shakti Devi in the form of Goddess Bhadrakalii. It is this deity that is said to have slayed the demon Daruka, ending the calamities faced by the saint
The people of Kodungallur long believed and continue bestowing their faith upon the fact that the temple is primarily a Shiva shrine. They also firmly stay rooted on the fact that it was Saint parsurama that instilled Sri Kurumba Bhagavati close to the idol of lord Shiva. Despite the town being relatively small, it is considerably replete with shrines of lord Shiva. This particular shirine is considered to be centric amongst the others, and it is a fact that the poojas are conducted under the direct instructions of Sri bhagavathi Herself.
There are a total of five 'Sri Chakras' that have been installed by Adi Shankaracharya. These chakras are said to be the origins for the main powers of the deity. The rituals and poojas conducted in this temple are by Namboodiris and Madhu Brahmins (Adikas), who have the sole right in performing 'Pushpanjalis' to the Goddess
The temple witnesses two main festivals, apart from the daily poojas and rituals. The Bharani festival is said to be one of the grandest festivals in all of Kerala. It falls generally between the months of March and April. The festival is conducted to appease the goddess Kali and her demons. The other festival being Thalappoi, conducted between January and February. The festival lasts for four days, commencing from the evening of Makar Sankranti. The festival is the main celebration conducted by the Kudumbi Community.