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  • Nagpur Poddareshwar Sri Ram Temple
  • Nagpur Poddareshwar Sri Ram Temple
  • Nagpur Poddareshwar Sri Ram Temple
  • Nagpur Poddareshwar Sri Ram Temple
  • Nagpur Poddareshwar Sri Ram Temple

Nagpur Poddareshwar Sri Ram Temple

Nagpur, Maharashtra
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Nagpur, the city of oranges as referred to, is a home to a very important temple, Shri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir. Lord Ram and Lord Shiva reside in the temple. It is located on the Central Avenue Road, which is not more than a few minutes' walk from the Nagpur station. Shri Poddareshwar Ram Madir is named so, cause of Late Shri Jamnadhar Poddar, a part of the renowned Bisau Family who belonged to Rajasthan and is still managed by the Poddar Family. The temple was built in the year of 1923 and stands as a pride of Nagpur. The temple is built in with minute carvings and has marbles all over, the two basic elements that has been used to build this temple is marble and sandstone. The temple is beautiful cause of its marvelous sculpting. The major deities of the temple are from the Hindu epic Ramayana, and hence a lot of Hindus outside India who have been mesmerized and amazed by the epic come to visit this place to seek blessings and have a look at the beauty of the temple. The temple indeed has a fascinating exterior and interior. The temple contains images of Lord Rama, Lord Laxman & Lord Sita. The temple also warrants peace of mind. The temple has a dharamshala to accommodate the devotees visiting outside the city; they are not charged for the stay but are given the responsibility to not make the sacred place untidy. The temple does not have luxurious facilities and has recently taken up renovation to accommodate the visitors. The temple holds a lot of events in the year, but one grand event is Shobha Yatra, a grand parade held on the occasion of Ramnavmi. Ramnavmi is the ninth day of worshiping Lord Durga and Lord Ram the Shobha Yatra involves hundreds of people in participation and lakhs of people in witnessing them which makes it the most awaited festival & celebrations in Nagpur. Though this is not a ritual but it is celebrated with a lot of dedication and equally enjoyed by participating non Hindus. The temple is more than around nine decades old, and has increased the attraction of the people towards this grand parade. The parade begins in the evening and ends late at night after visiting the various important destinations of the city. The greatest part of this celebration is that the leaders of the Muslim Parties also come down on the street and be a part of this event, this makes it unique altogether. There is no official dress code, but to look like equal, people wear white clothes with orange turban or caps or dupattas which is a delight to see. Fire crackers are one more thing that adds up to the beauty of the night an d hence children become a predominant part of this parade. This parade virtually demonstrates the entire Nagpur culture in a summary form and anyone who is interested in participating or witnessing is more than welcomed.
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