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  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems

Maruthorvattam Dhanwanthri Temple

Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems, Cherthala,Alapuzha, Kerala
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Maruthorvattam Dhanwanthri Temple is situated in the city of Cherthala, in the district of Alapuzha, Kerala. It is on the famous temples in the states known for the only temple which has Lord Dhanwanthri as the main deity of the temple. Lord Dhanwanthri is considered to be the God of Ayurveda and hence people flock to him to ask his blessings for relieving them of any kind of health related problems.
Maruthorvattam Dhanwanthri Temple is considered very significant since the main deity Lord Dhanwanthari is believed to be an incarnated form of the almighty Lord Vishnu. He is considered divine and has special powers to cure one from rare illness, since it is believed that he first appeared from Palazhi- a sea which was full of milk and his figure was carry a bowl of Amruth in one hand- the ultimate liquid which is considered as elixir of the moral life. Hence, people believe that if one worships the lord, they can get rid of any kind of illness or health problems.
Worshipping the lord can help one solve all his problems related to health. However, there are certain norms which need to be followed in order to attain the results. First, the regular puja has to be done with water, sindoor and chandan. Diya and incense sticks can also be lighted, and then the bhog has to be offered. The bhog is referred to as Nivedyamvazhipadu which is unique to this place. It is made from fresh and pure cow milk and the standard practice is to offer one urn of milk to the God which consists of 7.5 liters. However, the milk is also available in quantities varying from 0.25 liters to 1 liter. People suffering from any kind of illness can bear fruits if they offer the bhog with devotion. There is a special ritual for those who are suffering from peptic ailments. An offering of nivedyam is made on the first Thursday of every month at Pantheeeradi pooja. This is made from Fresh cow milk along with certain other herbs which can be booked from the temple authorities. The bhog has to be dedicated to the lord in the morning at about 8: 30 am and has to be consumed in the same day in empty stomach. Attayum Kuzhambum is another ritual which has been proven to heal one from rheumatic ailments of any severity. The bhog is considered to be made of special ingredients which help to purify blood and hence relieve the person from the acute pains. This is available and offered to the lord only on first Thursday of the month of Malayalam. Though rare in nature, the effect of the medication is very effective and can help solve the rheumatic problems with ease. These medications are considered to be at par with Ayurveda and hence devotees flock to this place to seek the lord's blessings before consuming them for effective results.
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