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Kanjanur Shukra Bhagawan Temple.

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The Agniswarar Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Kanjanur, 18 kilometres north-east of Kumbakonam. The presiding deity is Shukra (Venus). However, the main idol in the temple is that of "Agniswarar" or Shiva. It is one of the nine Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu
At the bank of the river Ganges, Sages like Sounagar started the holy sacrifice namely sathrayaagam. Mahapouraanigar soothamaa munivar take abode, after the completion of the twelve years holy sacrifices. Sounakaathi saints served and worshipped him. They welcomed and enjoyed with him by saying that he is the one who is able to make the earth get rid of all the sins and they also declared that the place become very sacred after his arrival. Immediately, Soothamaha sage looked at them and said them that there is a specialized place better that this Ganges River nears the Vadacauvery which removes all the sins and provides luxurious life.
Taking soak once in this Vadacauvery River may give the benefits of taking purifying bath for twelve years in Ganges River. He also said that Neetharkarmangal prepared here for ancestors are equal to those that are prepared in Kashi. Sounakathi saints more eagerly requested him to expand this palaasavanashethira myth. Soothamaamunivar started doing meditation on Agneesaperuman over the holy place of mercy ocean Karpagambal. Later, he contentedly said the Myth which was not able to reveal by AadhiSeshan who even has thousand tongues.
The term Navagraha denotes the nine celestial bodies which are central to astrological calculations (and beliefs) (and not the nine planets as it is frequently erroneously translated). The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu constitute the Navagraha. In every horoscope, some planets are well placed and some are badly placed. Hence, we go through success and failures, happiness and sorrows in various aspects of life in different time slots in varying degrees. Certain planetary conflagrations give rise to strong negative effects called “Doshas”. The Navagraha Temples Puja eliminates the ill effect of these planetary movements.
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