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About Us

ePuja is India’s first online portal that offers access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals across 3600 temples in India. Easy access to divine interaction and accountability of transactions differentiate ePuja’s services including a wide network, online ecommerce facilitation and credibility.

Given the fact that Indians are now wide spread across the globe and even when in the country are hard pressed for time, knowledge and resources to complete their religious aspirations. They are restricted by lack of information or options in terms of an easy solution when required the most.As a result, many of us have lost touch with the divine and are increasingly moving away from our roots of spiritual absolutions, essential to our identity.

ePuja offers not just an access to remedy rituals and religious ceremonies, but also aims to educate Hindus about the significance of the same, in order to help rebuild faith and encourage the younger generation to actively participate and know more about their significance in a carefully crafted, yet engaging ecosystem.

It is our endeavor to provide our customers with a high-quality, comprehensive and secure portal to help fulfill religious aspirations, where they can avail ceremonies conducted daily across 3600 temples in India akin to a One Stop Divinity Portal for their frequent, varied, vital services and religious requirements whenever and wherever they may need it.

ePuja is a portal dedicated to make your path to Divinity easy and convenient. Seeking divine intervention and paying homage to the powers of the Almighty, now available at the tips of your fingers. It is HIS way of ensuring that you stay in touch with HIS Divinity always, through us at ePuja. Be it information about Temples or Legends that make our Gods so endearing to seek answers to your problems through Remedy Pujas and fulfill your spiritual needs by Booking Pujas across over 3600 temples in India. Be it for your wellbeing or to gift divine blessings to a loved one, we assure you that we will have it conducted for you in person on the day you seek, with the offerings couriered to you, anywhere in the world.