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Shiva Kumar
Founder and Executive Director,
ePuja Web Solutions Private Limited

Shiva Kumar is currently the Founder and Executive Director of ePuja Web Solutions Private Limited – India's first online portal that offers access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals across 3600 temples in India.With over two decades of experience in the field of Sales and Marketing, Shiva brings with him insightful networking skills and a deep understanding of the Indian culture. His core strength remains his ability to understand diverse Indian geographies and their cultural and traditional expectations.

His strength emanates from his constant involvement with cultural bodies and temples across India, which started more as a passion, but evolved into a serious life pursuit.
Shiva has been an avid traveller as well and has a profound interest in Indian Temples. With ePuja, Shiva brought his two life passions together, touring over 4.5 lakh kms across the length and breadth of India to form a formidable network of Temples. From this vision and passion emanated the evolution of ePuja as a comprehensive portal offering immediate online access to a wide range of temples for devotes within the country and overseas.

With ePuja, Shiva hopes to bridge the ever widening gap between spirituality and daily living that occurs given the paucity of time we face and the increased pressure of work and life. Shiva believes his vision of having such a portal would empower us to stay in touch with our spiritual side with over 7000 pujas being made accessible for remedies to normal salutations being readily available at a click of a button. His aim with ePuja is to offer the service of convenience to one and all so that the younger generation too can understand the science behind Indian culture and ritualistic traditions to benefit from them, as their ancestors have done. ShivaKumar is a Graduate with a Bachelor in Commerce Degree from the University of Bangalore and lives in Bangalore, managing the day to day activities and puja completions personally.
Chetan Merchant
Chairman and Managing director,
ePuja Web Solutions Private Limited

Chetan Merchant is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of ePuja Web Solutions Private Limited – India's first online portal that offers access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals across 3600 temples in India.

With over a decade of experience in the field of Sales and Marketing, Chetan brings with him profound experience and in depth expertise that spans across a variety of sectors. His core strength remains his ability to understand customer needs and manage expectations while ensuring a motivated team to deliver quality under all situations.
Chetan's previous work experience includes leading successful teams across, ING Vysya Life Insurance, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Tata AIG Life Insurance and ICICI Bank. His last assignment prior to ePuja was at Development Bank Singapore (DBS), Mumbai, where he headed Client Acquisitions.

Chetan is a notable philanthropist who has been involved in several charitable organizations as part of the prestigious Bhatia Community of Mumbai. His experience also stems from being responsible for the management of inherent family wealth and overseeing the several Trusts and Charitable Organizations run by the Merchant family across Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran. He is aTrustee for Thakkar Ranchhoddas Kanji & Laxmidas Damji Charity Trust that is well known for assisting several students from under privileged communities with scholarships and medical assistance that in turn enable them to lead better and more fulfilling lives. Chetan also serves as the Vice President of Shri Mumbai Halai Bhatia Mahajan,a 153 year old organization that anchors the Bhatia Community and is responsible for several notable philanthropic activities.Chetan is also the youngest trustee of the Global Bhatia Foundation.

Chetan is an avid sportsman with a keen interest in cricket and is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Parmananddas Jivandas Gymkhana(P.J.Hindu Gymkhana), Mumbai Chetan Merchant holds an MBA in Management (Marketing) from Chetana Institute of Management, Mumbai.
With ePuja, Chetan aims to bring back the diminishing spirit of spirituality in India by providing easy access to religious rituals across Indian temples.
Rikin Parekh
ePuja Web Solutions Private Limited

Living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't. This attribute is most evidently visible in Rikin Parekh, a young visionary who has already achieved a few milestones in his life.

Rikin joined ePuja as a Director in 2015, although his enterprising career started as a senior analyst with a stint at Notz Stukie & Cie. A firm believer of the notion that a high potential and scalable idea should see the light of day, he went on to fulfil his dream and co-found Maverick Equities in 2006. Rikin along with his childhood friend have nurtured Maverick Equities, and the firm is now recognised as a credible and trustworthy institution.

He is also the leading lad at Gitesh Textiles Pvt. Ltd., which owns Morpeech, a rising brand and an enterprise having a strong foothold in the dynamic fashion and ethnic wear industry.

A keen interest in technology also made Rikin an investor at which is the only app based closed user network for mothers in India . This venture too is taking significant strides in it's own right.

Rikin comes with a Masters degree in Finance from KJ Somaiya Institute of Mgmt, Mumbai, and has done his Bachelor of Commerce from Sydenham College, Mumbai.

A keen interest in photography and a love for travel are some of the ways he likes to spend his leisure time.