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Pujas are a form of invoking divine blessings & favours or offering thanks to the Lord for all the good bestowed in our lives. Pujas are usually performed on significant days such as birthdays, anniversaries or festive / auspicious dates to invoke prosperity, longevity and good luck.

Remedy Pujas are conducted for specific purposes when faced with obstacles or hurdles that usually need divine intervention. These Pujas are specific in nature and conducted with care on dates most conducive to success to get rid of any unfavorable planetary influences, evil eye or Doshas in your horoscope or kundali.

ePuja is India’s first online portal that offers access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals across various temples in India. Easy access to divine interaction and accountability of transactions differentiate ePuja’s services which also include a wide network, online ecommerce facilitation and credibility.

ePuja offers not just an access to remedy rituals and religious ceremonies, but also aims to educate Hindus about the significance of the same in order to help rebuild faith and also to encourage the younger generation to actively participate and know more about their significance in a carefully crafted, yet engaging ecosystem.

It is our endeavor to provide our customers with a high-quality, comprehensive and secure portal to help fulfill religious aspirations, where they can avail of ceremonies conducted daily across 3600 temples in India akin to a One Stop Divinity Portal for their frequent, varied and vital services and religious requirements whenever and wherever they may so need it.

Once you log onto our website, we recommend that you register as a member or as a guest. Search for the Pujas or temples of your choice in the search bars provided and make your choice of Pujas. Once done, you will be able to enter the necessary details and make an online payment via HDFC (India and International) or PayPal (International only) via secure payment gateways. The Payments can also be made offline, for the Pujas booked through our marketing associates, the details of the Payment procedure and payment outlet (where users can make the payment in cash) shall be provided to Users at the time of booking the Pujas. Once you have made the payment, our team will take the necessary actions for performing the Puja of your choice and, ship the Prasadam to your shipping address as has been mentioned by you.

All processes of Puja booking confirmation, Puja completion and Prasadam shipment will be emailed and messaged to you as per the details and communication information you provide.

We have a large network of temples pan India through representatives who we work with in order to facilitate a large number of Pujas and Remedy Pujas for your convenience. Our temple network only includes those temples that are at least 1000 years old and known for their divine & remedial powers.

We DO NOT facilitate Pujas at newer temples / street corner temples as we believe that any temple needs a specific time to acquire the necessary aura and power to make such Pujas constructive and an actual means to divine solutions. Any thousand year old temple where Pujas/Archanas/Abhishekams/Rituals are offered continuously acquires the positive energy & divine power to make such offerings substantial and actually is beneficial to you and those you love.

Apart from Pujas, we offer Remedial Puja Services, Homams, Archanas and other Sevas such as the Kalyanotsavam, Abhishekam/Tirumanjanam, Arattus etc. However, the availability of these Sevasis dependent on the temples you choose or the dates most conducive for such Sevas to be performed, which is based on individual temple calendars.

In case of any issue, please call our toll free number – 1800-4254-3333 – to speak to our customer care executives on the best dates to have these performed.

Once you complete your payment transaction and schedule a Puja, we generate an order number and email the booking confirmation to you with the other requisite details. On the next day of puja scheduled date, you will receive an update from us regards the timings of the Pujas and its successful completion.

We recommend that on receiving this information, you too offer your prayers and wishes to your home deity / Kula Devtha / Ishta Devtha as well as the deity of the Puja. We will provide details of timings, auspicious direction to face (for e.g. you must face North when you pray to Guru/Brihaspati/Dakshinamurthy/Jupiter etc.) and a moolamantram which you ideally should continuously chant during the Puja. This can be done wherever you may be in the world, home, office, India or overseas.

The Prasadam you receive, post successful completion of your Puja is dependent on the temple and puja of your choice. Usually, the Prasadam comprises packets of Vibhooti / Kumkum or Sindoor / Sandalwood paste and in some cases even coconuts, flowers and cloth. We undertake delivery of only non-perishable Prasadam.

In cases where the Prasadams consist of food / fruits such as coconuts, bananas, Ana Prasadams/Neivedyams etc, or any other perishable article, we usually distribute these free of cost to the pilgrims in the temple premises in your name as such items tend to get spoilt in transit and in case of International shipping pose postal / couriering restrictions.

The Prasadam is delivered within 30 days, from the date of performing the Puja. We inform our clients about the shipping details as soon as the Prasadam has been dispatched along with other relevant details, so that they are able to track the movement of consignment online by themselves. However, the above duration may vary depending upon the delivery destination.

Yes, you can do all of the above provided the change request is sent to us at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled Puja date and time. This will give us time to make the necessary changes needed without any issues and inconvenience. However, the above mentioned facilities are only provided subject to our ability and feasibility to undertake Puja on the rescheduled date.

In case of any issue, please call our toll free number – 1800-4254-3333 – to speak to our customer care executives for the requisite assistance.

Unfortunately, once you book a Puja, the same cannot be cancelled as the process is set in motion almost instantaneously. You can however, change the dates and details of the Puja, provided the change request is sent to us at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled Puja date and time.

Kindly note that the Puja details including, but not limited to the date, day, the name of the person on whose behalf the Puja will be conducted can be changed, but not the Temple or deity as each Puja has different costs and processes.

Orders once placed through the Website or through any other medium may not be cancelled or refunded. However, under an exceptional circumstance, only wherein the Company fails to deliver the Prasadam to the User, the Website will refund the entire amount charged from you, within 180 days.

In case of any issue, please call our toll free number – 1800-4254-3333 – to speak to our executives for the requisite assistance.

Subject to the factors and conditions in our control, the Puja of your choice will be conducted as you have requested. Should there be any change or issue, our team will ensure that you are kept informed and that changes if any are as per your convenience and preference.

If there is a special event(s) happening or during the annual temple ceremonies such as Brahmotsavams, Garuda Seva, Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse, etc. wherein all Pujas are cancelled and only darshans are allowed, we will keep you informed and help you with the rescheduling of the Puja on the next possible date and time.

As an added measure, all Prasadams are couriered in the official temple envelope addressed directly to the customer. However, the delivery of Prasadam is done by ePuja via India Post. Epuja shall not be liable or responsible for any damage, spillage or change in quality of the products within the shipment. ePuja shall not be liable for any mis-handling done to the shipment on the whole or some products within it or the packaging of the shipment.

Please note that each and every Puja performed or undertaken to perform by us is an individual Puja which means that it is performed for one single individual person who has booked the Puja. However, sometimes, the names of his Family members may be recited during the Puja, if he has specifically instructed us to do so.

At the outset, we would recommend that you cross check your search keywords again or use more generic keywords such as deity names etc. to see if you find the temple / Puja of your choice.

In some cases, if a temple is less than 1000 years old, it may not be a part of our network as yet and if you should provide the details of the same, we would try to include the same at the earliest for your convenience.

Kindly note that we are constantly adding newer temples to our network every day given the sheer number of temples prevalent in India and we recommend that you call our toll free number – 1800-4254-3333 – to speak to our customer care executives for the requisite assistance.

In case of any issues, please reach out to us through our Contact Us Page or please call our toll free number – 1800-4254-3333 – to speak to our customer care executives for the requisite assistance.