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Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is a famous lord who forms a part of the trinity lords-Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is symbolized as the protector or Preserver of the world. He is sometimes also referred to as lord Narayana.


One can iconize lord Vishnu as a tall and dark complexion lord with found hands. Most of the portraits showcase this in the form of blue being, with lotus flower or Padma, mace, conch and Sudarshan Chakra in all his four hands. He is often seen resting himself on a Nag or serpent along with his consort Maa Lakshmi. It is believed that the Lord never sleeps and hence is considered to be an embodiment of peace or shanti. There is a legend behind his name of Narayana. Many believe that he had a staunch devotee Narad muni that used to chant his name al through the day. Hence, the word Narayana got attached to his name. However, there is another reason behind the same. Mythology unfolds the fact that water used to come out from the feet of Lord Vishnu wherever he went. Since water is called Neer or Nar in Hindi, the name Narayana was derived. This essentially means the one who lives inside the water. There are many legends which are related to Lord Vishnu. Some say that once Sage Bhrigu visited all the three trinity lords in order to test them and give them their place or position by which they will be known to the people. After completing the task with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, he visited Lord Vishnu. At that time, Vishnu was lying in his reclining position and was sleeping peacefully. The sage thought of disturbing him and hence placed his feet on his chest. However, to his surprise Lord Vishnu did not utter a single world, was as calm as usual and in return asked the sage in case his feet got hurt. This is what pleased the lord and since then he was given the title of preserver of the world. He married Goddess Saraswati later on and there are various stories which unfold different avatars in which they met and got married

Significant temples

Significant temples Some of the famous temples dedicated to lord Vishnu are Badrinath temple in Rishnikesh, TirupatiTirumala temple of Balaji, Badami Cave temple in Karnataka and thousand pillar temple in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. Apart from these there are 108 shrines which are dedicated to Lord Vishnu which are known as the 108 DivyaDesams.

Significant pujas

The most important and significant puja of Lord Vishnu is the Satyanarayana Puja which is usually held on the occasion of Ekadashi. This puja is very important and is usually performed before starting up any new project, during grihapravesh, achieving something good or for just praising the lord. The Puja contains worshiping Lord Narayana and offering a special kind of bhog along with Panchamrit. All the people present in the Puja are advised to listen to the katha or the story which is believed to relieve them of all the troubles in their lives