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  • Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Vishnu Temple
  • Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Vishnu Temple
  • Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Vishnu Temple
  • Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Vishnu Temple
  • Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Vishnu Temple
  • Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Vishnu Temple

Alagar Koil Kallazhagar Perumal Vishnu Temple

Azhagar Koil, Madurai, TamilNadu
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Azhagar Koil Kallazhagar Perumal Vishnu Temple is a religious temple which is situated at a distance of about 21 kilometers from the holy city of Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The temple is very well connected by roads and is easily accessible from any part of the state. The temple is artistically crafted on the foothills of Azhagar Malai Mountain and hence has derived its name from here. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is considered as one of the divyadesam spots.
A legend has it that there once lived a sage by the name of Munivar. He was once bathing in the river Nupura Gangai which lies on the foothills of Azhakar Hill. Durvasar Maharshi happened to pass by this place. However, the Munivar was so engrossed in his bathing that he did not see the Maharshi. Angry at his behavior, the Maharshi cursed the Munivar turning him into a frog. He also stated that his curse could be broken only by Lord Sundararajar who is also known as Kallazhakar.Thereafter, the municar was transformed into a frog; He did yagyas and deep penance along the banks of the river Vaigai to please the lord. After a certain time Lord Kallazhakar was pleased with his dedication and deep devotion and came to visit him from Azahakar, the abode of Lord Kallazhakar. In thenur mandap, the Lord blessed the Munivar and transformed him back to a human being form. This exact location is the spot where Azhagar Koil Kallazhagar Perumal Vishnu Temple stands today. It is considered very religious since the Lord himself appeared to relieve the Munivar of the curse.
The temple holds significance in terms of religious beliefs. People come here from far off lands in order to get rid of the dosas by performing stringent rituals. It is also believed that worshipping the Lord with complete devotion helps one to get rid of all the negative values.
The temple is artistically crafted with a spellbound architecture. The main mandapa is in the form of a boat. Further, there is a 24 pillar structure which is elegantly built with intrinsic craftsmanship. This is also an evidence of the visit of the Azhakar's. All the more, there are options to buy the vahanas or the vehicles of the deities to give take them for around the shrine during processions or parades. These acts are considered to be very religious and people believe that any wish is granted to the persons performing them.
Chithirai Thiruvizha is a grand festival which is observed annually with great pomp and grandeur. This basically deals around Meenakshi's who was Azhakar's Sister and Azaharkars life story. The festival is celebrated for a period of about 30 days where the first 15 days are dedicated to Meenakshi and the next 15 days is dedicated to Azhakar. The event where Azhakar crossed the river is celebrated extravagantly and attracts a thousand of devotees who come from lands, near and far, to seek the blessings of the Lord. Gatherings such as family marriages also form a crucial part of this temple
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