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Kovai Dhandu Mariamman Devi Temple

Puja For Relief From Black Magic/Vasheekaranam, Tamil Nadu
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The inner walls of this temple are decorated with holy statues. The eastern part of this temple is blessed by Lord Raja Ganapathy and Goddess Durga. Lord Dhakshinamoorthy is present in the southern part of the temple. Goddess Lakshmi blesses her devotees in the western part of the temple. People facing trouble due to unexplainable issues come here to seek a solution. The Goddess blesses her devotees and takes away their sorrows.
According to a popular belief, the Goddess gave sight to a soldier in King Tipu's arm. She appeared in his dreams and made him realize her presence. The soldier had a vision, where he would find her amongst neem trees of that place. As he got up the next day, he went and looked amongst the neem trees and found her presence. Since Amman Mari was found in a Dhandu she was glorified as Dhandumariamman.
Some of the major festivals celebrated here are Poochaatu, Agnichaatu, Thiru Vilakku Valipadu, Sakthi Karaga Valipaadu and Vasantha Vizha.
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