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  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children

Garbharakshambikai Parvati Temple

Special Puja With Castor Oil Prasad For Safe Child Birth/Suga Prasavam, Tirukarugavoor, Nr Tanjore, TamilNadu
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Garbharakshambigai Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Thirukarukavoor, Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated on the southern banks of the Vettar River. The place is known by different names. Since, Mathavi is the temple tree, one of the names is Mathavipuram (Mullaivanam). Karu means womb, Ka means save and oor means village - Since womb is believed to be saved by the temple deity, the village is called Tirukarukavoor.
"The Gopuram and the huge compound walls tell the story of more than a thousand years. The Sthalapuranas which are in Sanskrit and Tamil are preserved in manuscript forms and show the antiquity of the temple. The Sthalapurana gives a detailed account of the origin of this Kshetram and the various persons who obtained Divine Grace at this place.There are also ancient inscriptions on the walls inside. Inscriptions from King Raja Raja Chola’s period who ruled between 985 and 1014 AD; as well as those from Parantaka Chola’s period (early 10th century AD) are seen inside the temple. There is evidence that Beema, Garkiyar, Gouthamar and a lot of ancient kings worshipped the God in this temple."
The name Garbharakshambikai means 'Goddess who protects the child in the womb'. Legend has it that Parvati was approached by a distraught woman who was expecting a child, but had been unjustly cursed, so that her baby would be deformed. The Goddess immediately agreed to protect the embryo till it was born, and fulfilled her promise. The Goddess is always compassionate towards those who want to conceive, and towards women who are already expecting. This is why couples perform puja at this temple when they find that they cannot conceive. It is very evident that the Goddess really does help devotees who perform poojas for her.
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