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  • Puja for SARPA DOSHAM
  • Puja for SARPA DOSHAM
  • Puja for SARPA DOSHAM
  • Puja for SARPA DOSHAM
  • Puja for SARPA DOSHAM

Ballamanja Anantheshwara Swamy Temple

Puja For Sarpa Dosham, Ballamanja, Manchina,Dk,Ka
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Ballamanja Anantheshwara Swamy Temple is located in the Dakshina Kannada District. The Sarpa Dosha temple is an old pilgrimage location in India. The main deity, Lord Shiva is worshiped as the lord of all serpents. Sarpa Dosha is known as Naga Dosha, is caused due to the wrath of the ever present Serpent God, in any previous birth. This is due to curses, marriages get delayed or ruined. Future generations may get affected. Sarpa Yoga/ Dosha are not the same as Kal Sarpa Yoga.
Sarpa Dosha is believed to be caused due to Sarpa Sapa or curse of the serpents. The origin of Sarpa Dosha is mythic and unexplained in classics. It is said that there is a mystic power of serpents that rule the world. The Sarpa Dosha is explained as it comes from killing the serpents in previous or present life by self or by father or grandfather and not performing the rituals for the same. The curse affects the lives in a negative way. Getting rid of it becomes necessary to lead a peaceful life. This puja ensures that the effect of the curse is removed from one's life.
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