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  • Puja For Kriyashakthi/Creativity
  • Puja For Kriyashakthi/Creativity
  • Puja For Kriyashakthi/Creativity
  • Puja For Kriyashakthi/Creativity

Sri Mahalingeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Kriyashakthi/Creativity, Thavasimedai,Dindigul, TamilNadu
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The Sri Mahalingeshwarar Shiva Temple is an ancient temple which is situated in the small city of Viralipatti, in the district of Dindigul. A famous religious center as well as a tourist spot of Tamil Nadu, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is worshipped here as the Sri Mahalingeshwarar.The Process for attaining Kruyashati basically consists of Kriya yoga asanas which ensure the participation of the individual in the ritual. Specific sitting postures accompanied by the chanting of special mantras form a part of the pooja process that should be strictly adhered to in order to attain the desired results. Worshipping the idols of Icha Shakti and Gnana Shakti is considered mandatory to reap the fruits of this pooja.
Sri Mahalingeshwarar Shiva is a very significant religious temple. Lord Mahalingeshwarar is considered to be a very powerful god; hence the state of Assdhi Bhairava is strategically placed before it, in order to absorb the high power which is quite intense in nature. The procedure for worship is to first worship Lord Shiva through the hole that is designed to see the Lord, and then worship Lord Bhairava and then worship Lord Shiva, again. The temple is also unique in the sense that starting from the day of Shivratri, the sun's rays fall directly inside the sanctum for continuous 30 days. In the morning hours, the rays fall directly on the idol of Lord Shiva and in the evenings, they fall on Lord Bhairava. This attracts many tourists to the temple.There are other idols in the temple that are known as the Ambica's. They symbolize Icha Shakti and Gnanashalti. Worshipping the lords and performing certain rituals can help achieve Kriyashakti. Since, these idols are present only in this temple in the state of Tamil Nadu; the temple is regarded as being a very important one. Further, the process for obtaining Kriyashalti involves complex mantras and steps which are well known by the priests residing in this temple who can be approached anytime to book a slot. Because of the importance of the deities that preside in this temple it is a center of immense religious significance.
It is believed that one achieves great success after completing the entire procedure of the Pooja. This basically helps to stimulate the creative parts of the brain which ultimately assists to achieve Kriyashakti. This is essentially in all spheres of life and hence, attaining the Shakti can bring forth happiness and prosperity to one's life.
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