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  • Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham
  • Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham
  • Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham
  • Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham
  • Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham
  • Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham

Thingalur Chandra Bhagavan Temple

Puja For Chandra Bhagawan (Moon) Dosham, Sri Kailasanathar Shiva Temple, Thingalur,Tiruvaiyar, TamilNadu
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Thingalur Chandra Bhagavan Temple is an ancient temple located in the small city of Thingalur, Tiruvaiyar, in the state of Tamil Nadu. This temple is famous for Chandranpooja. Legends believe that long back the nakshatrasrahiu and ketu were after the Sun and moon. Ketu wanted to consume the entire moon and destroy it completely. It was at that time that the Moon started praying to Lord Shiva to bless and protect him. Lord Shiva was pleased with his dedication and hence agrees to protect the Moon from the tangles of Ketu. Since, then this temple is considered a pious place to worship the moon. Chandra Doshan can be removed by performing penance and worshipping the lord here. The lord is so powerful that it is believed that all the evil effects are carried away as soon as one worships Kailasanathar lord in the Thingalur Chandra Bhagavan Temple.Moon is the ultimate celestial body. Chandra dosham when attacks a person it affects the health, skin, mind and may also cause nervous disorder. This creates havoc in one's life disturbing the peace and calm of a happy life. Hence, it is essential to pray to the Moon-Chandra in order to relieve one from such doshams. Special puja with a different set if rituals are available which if followed dedicatedly can help to get good results. Monday is considered the day of the Moon or Chandra. Hence, the puja must be done on Mondays. It is advisable to keep a fast and observed minimum 5 Mondays to achieve good results. However, in case, one is unable to do the same, puja done on any one Monday will also do. Chandra Bhagwan has to be worshipped with Aravalli flowers first. Then any piece of white cloth has to be offered, along with the bhog or Prasad which is a special mixture of jiggery and rice. After offering bhog, diya can be showed. Chanting the mantra 'Aum sram srim sraum sah chandraya namaha' 21 times also helps to get good results. In case one doesn't have much time it is recommended to chant the Gyatri Chandra at least 108 times on every Monday. The chant goes like this 'om nisakaraya vidmaha ekalanadhaya dheemahit annochandra': prachodayaath.
Thingalur Chandra Bhagavan Temple is a very significant temple, since it is the only temple in the Tamil Nadu where the pooja specific to Chandra Bhagwan is done. Thingalur is derived from the term 'Thingal which means Chandran or Moon in Tamil language. The main deity the Kailasanathar is worshipped for Moon and it is believed that anyone who worships the lord here and performs the pooja as per the stringent rituals benefit a lot and are rid of the Chandra dosam.There are many benefits of observing this pooja. For women who observe this pooja consistently for 5 Mondays, are blessed with well-being, marriage and offspring. Others benefit the fruit wealth, health and happiness
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