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  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham
  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham
  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham
  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham
  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham
  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham
  • Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham

Thiruvengadu Budhan Bhagavan Templesri Shwetharanyeshwarar Shiva Tempe

Puja For Budha Bhagavan (Mercury) Dosham, Tiruvengadu,Nagapattinam, TamilNadu
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Thiruvengadu Budhan Bhagwan Temple also known as the Sri Shwetharanyeshwarar Shiva Tempe is an anient Shiva temple situated in the small town of Tiruvengadu in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. This is a famous Shiva temple which is associated with the Navagrahas. It is well known for its Bhudha Bhagwan temple which is dedicated to the planet of Mercury. In fact, this is unique to this place and hence attracts tourists and devotees from all across the globe.Mercury Dosham can cause a lot of stress in one's life leading to problem of health such as heart disease and immunity disorders. This may completely jeopardise the life of an individual. There are certain puja's which have been designed to help get relief from the mercury dosham. Some of the powerful puja's are Budhagraha shanti puja, surakshakavach pooja, Siddha yantra of Budhagraha, herns poojam and a special spiritual art pooja. All these pooja's are unique in their own way and involves specific procedures which have to be followed. Priests in the temple of Shwetharanyeshwarar Shiva are well versed with each of them and can be approached for performing any type of pooja. Further, Lord Vishnu is also considered to be associated with Bhudan and hence he should be worshipped every Thursday to get some relief. These puja's has to be supplemented with certain mantras which are called the Bhudangayatri mantra. Chanting the mantra for about 108 times daily brings effective results.
Sri Shwetharanyeshwarar Shiva Tempe is the only temple in the state of Tamil Nadu which has a shrine solely dedicated to Lord Bhudan or mercury. Mercury is considered to be a very powerful source which controls all the needs and requirements of a human being. His blessing is mandatory to get success in any field of work. Apart from work he is the one and only planet which caters to the all-round need of human beings such as happiness, marriage, health and wealth. Worshipping Shwetharanyeshwarar and performing the rituals as per the Vedas is considered very auspicious. This temple is also significant in the sense that one can book for the puja's in advance as the priests here are well versed with the complicated procedures of the Mercury dosham puja. They perform all the rituals adhering to the Vedas and ensure that the correct results are achieved There are many benefits of observing this puja. The prime one is that the mercury dosham gets curbed by a certain extent while performing the rituals. Apart from this, it also helps to open doors of happiness by removing obstacles from life, hence rendering a life full of prosperity. Spiritual gain including siddhi is also attained by following the norms. One also benefits in the academic and business world as mercury creates a special position, paving the path to achieve success in all spheres.
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