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  • Puja For Shukra (Venus) Dosham-Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple
  • Puja For Shukra (Venus) Dosham-Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple
  • Puja For Shukra (Venus) Dosham-Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple
  • Puja For Shukra (Venus) Dosham-Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple
  • Puja For Shukra (Venus) Dosham-Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple

Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple

Puja For Shukra (Venus) Dosham, Sri Agneeshwarar Shiva Tempe, Kanjanoor,Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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Sri Agneeshwarar Shiva Tempe also famous for the Shukkran Bhagavan Temple is located in Kanjanur, in the Kumbakonam district of Tamil Nadu. This is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shukra and attracts devotees from all across the globe. The uniqueness of the temple is its main attraction.
Shukra also known as Venus is one of the most powerful planets in Astrology. It is considered as a symbol of love, passion and wealth. Shukradosham has malefic effects on one and hence it is very vital to remove the same. Shukradosham causes various kinds of problems in one's life like serious ailments, eye problems and difficulties in relationship. This causes catastrophe in one's life. However, there are certain pooja's and rituals which can be performed to please Shukra. Shukra is ruled by the Lord Shakti who is considered as the conqueror of Fridays. Hence, it is recommended to have fasts on Fridays to curb the effects of Venus on one's life. Shakti bestows the devotees with happiness, wealth and luck. Regular fast for at least 5 Fridays can help a lot. Further, there are certain other rituals which adhere to the Vedas, which can be performed for carrying out the pooja dedicated to Lord Shukra. Pooja is performed by offering white lotus and a white cloth which are considered quite auspicious. Then mocha kottai and fig are offered as kind of bhog as these are the elements which help to eliminate all the problems in one's life. All these when performed on Friday brings effective results Kanjanur Shukkran Bhagavan Temple-Sri is a very famous temple which is also known as Agneshwarar Shiva temple. This forms a part of the "Thevara Sthalams" and is the 36th shrine belonging to this series. Lord Agneshwar is the presiding deity in this temple. Some believe that Agni resides inside the stomach of Lord Shiva while others hold the fact that Lord Agni had worshipped Lord Shiva and sought his blessings. Hence, the name of the temple has been kept Agneeshwarara Shiva temple. There is a separate temple which is dedicated to the Shukrabhagwan and worshipping him is considered to be very sacred. This is the only temple where the priests are well versed with all the complicated procedures illustrated in the Vedas which pertain to remove Shukra Dosham. They can be approached to book a slot in advance in order to perform the ritual. Shukra is governed by Shakti or Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, one who performs this puja with all devotion and dedication are bestowed with happiness, health and wealth. Other health issues such as eye ailments, skin problems and indigestion are also solved by the blessings of the Lord. One is completely relieved of the Shukrandoshas by keeping fast on Fridays. Further, Goddess Lakshmi showers her blessings and helps to remove all the obstacles from one's life, paving the path for a peaceful and happy life.
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