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Significance of Saturday

The seven days of the week are apportioned to one or more Hindu gods or goddesses. There are several folklores associated with the ritual fasting observed on these days. Each day is associated to a deity.

Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani. He is the son of Surya, the Hindu Sun god and brother of Yama, the Hindu god of death. Lord Shani is generally portrayed as dark in colour, elderly, riding a vulture and with 4 arms. He is usually carries a trident, bow, and arrow. It is believed that he was cursed by his wife. Since childhood, Shani was enamoured with Lord Krishna and spent much of his time with his mind drawn towards Krishna.

Misfortunes and curses are often linked to Lord Shani, so much so that when something unfortunate happens, it is often called the curse of Shani. This is actually misguided. Lord Shani keeps a check on people. It is believed that he makes people suffer the consequences of their misdeeds in life. His role is to dispense justice to all living beings. He rather delivers justice.

According to a popular belief,Saturday is considered inauspicious to start a new venture. The day should be spent to appease Lord Shani and to protect oneself from the malefic effects of Lord Shani. However, the fact is that Lord Shani delivers justice, he is completely impartial. In other words, if one does good, he or she has nothing to fear.