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  • Surya Bhagawan (Sun)-Akshayapureeshwarar Shiva Temple
  • Surya Bhagawan (Sun)-Akshayapureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Surya Bhagawan (Sun)

Akshayapureeshwarar Shiva Temple, Vilangulam,Tanjore, TamilNadu
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Poosam/Pushya starrers are generally respectful to elders, pious and soft in manners.  They don’t harbour worries and are ever smiling.  They are confident of completing their jobs successfully and are popular. There are shrines for Lord Vinayaka, Lord Muruga with Valli and Deivanai, Chandikeswara, Saneeswara with consorts, Sun, Bhairava, Nandhi, Lord Dakshinamurthy, Brahmma, Lingodhbava, Mother Durga, Mother Gajalakshmi, Nagar and Lord Nataraja.
The place is closely associated with Planet Saturn. His son, Yama the God of Death hit Him on His leg and was lamed. Saturn began a pilgrimage to all Shiva temples for remedy. When He came here, he fell down struck by the roots of Vila tree. It was a Saturday (Sani’s own day) combined with Poosam star and Akshaya Thrithiya indicating prosperity. As He fell, the spring Poosa Gnanavavi, hidden till then, rose with force and took Him up. Lord Akshaya Pureeswara granted darshan to Him and blessed Sani with wedding. His leg became straight. Combined with the names of Vila tree and the Gnanavari spring, the place came to be known as Vilankulam. Kulam-spring. A Siddha, Poosa Marungar by name, living in Saneeswara Loka (world), used to spill the Sanivari theertha on the springs of Shiva temples. Saneeswara has importance in such temples. The Siddha has a rare power of visiting the world of Sun and the world of the Pithrus (departed ancestors) and is the Guru of the crows. It is believed that the Siddha is visiting the temple for worship daily.
The adage goes that Poosa Padan brings friendship. Padan denotes Saturn. When his leg was affected, Saturn worshipped Akshaya Purreswarar in the temple. This star is eighth in the list of 27 stars. Hence, they are advised to pray here on the star day or on the Akshaya Tthritiya day falling in the month of April-May for gaining all prosperity and health in life. They should also perform abishek to Sani Bhagwan with eight items as mentioned above (prayer commitment) and circumambulate the shrine eight times for lasting solutions for their problems. Even if the impact of Sani aspect would be severe, this prayer would help reduce the intensity of adverse look of the planet. Vilankulam Saneeswara is sought by those facing debt burdens, distressed, frequent health problems, the handicapped and facing obstacles in marriage proposals. He is gracing in the temple with His consorts Jeshta and Mandha in wedding form in the name of Aadhibruhat Saneeswara. He is all merciful in the temple. Mother Abhivruddhi Nayaki (mother granting all progress in life) ensures all development in life. There is no Navagraha shrine (shrine for 9 planets together) in the temple. Instead, Sani Baghwan and His Father Sun grace from their respective shrines. Lord Vinayaka graces facing west. As He ensures success (Vijaya) to His devotees, He is praised as Vijaya Vinayaka.
Mahasivarathri in February-March, Tirukarthikai in November-December and Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
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