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  • Puja For Raahu Bhagawan Dosham-Sri Naganathaswamy Temple
  • Puja For Raahu Bhagawan Dosham-Sri Naganathaswamy Temple
  • Puja For Raahu Bhagawan Dosham-Sri Naganathaswamy Temple

Puja For Raahu Bhagawan Dosham

Sri Naganathaswamy Shiva Temple, Tirunageshwaram,Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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Sri Naganathaswamy is Shiva as Rahu. Nageswarar or Naganatha is the swayambu main deity in this Temple, Arthanareeswara Shrine, Piraiyanivanudalumai, Girigujambika, are the other deities in the Temple.
The Jothisha Sastra (Astrololgy) states that if Raaghu is in good position in one’s horoscope He will bestow all prosperity (including Raja Yoga) to him and that person becomes a Kubera . In order to nullify Kalasthra dhosha, Naga dhosa and Putra dhosha one should worship Raaghu. People afflicted with Nagadhosa should perform oblations.
Legend has it that once Sugarma, son of Susheela muni was bitten by a snake; the sage cursed the snake for hurting his son. Raghu Bhagavan got rid of his curse inflicted by Sushila Muni by worshiping Lord Shiva here. Hence Lord Shiva is also worshiped as 'Naganatha Swamy' here owing to the deliverance of Raaghu Bhagavan from his curse by His grace. Offering worship at this Nageswarar temple in the morning, at noon and at in the evening on a given day is considered to be of special significance.
Other major festivals celebrated here are Brahmotsavam (November or December), Thiruvathirai (December – January), Kanda Shashti (October or November), Shivaratri (February - March), Navaratri and Sekkizhar Vaikasi Pooja (June).
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