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  • Puja For Sarpa Dosham
  • Puja For Sarpa Dosham

Puja For Sarpa Dosham

Seshapureeshwarar Shiva Temple, Tirupaampuram,Tiruvarur, TamilNadu
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Earlier it was believed that Sarpa dosham is an impious thing and only appeared in the birth charts of people who had bad karma in their last life. But as time rolled by, nowadays, the Sarpa dosham problem appears to be in the natal chart of many people. The word Sarpa dosham can be broken into two, for a more meaningful understanding. One is the Sarpa which means the snake or serpent. The second one is Dosham which means a fault or curse. When these two words are put together, it is absolutely needless to say that they don't mean anything positive and in a way means that something of great danger befalls on the life of the person who has this fault according to their natal chart.
Sarpa dosha generally befalls on a person who has improper positioning of Rahu and Kethu in their natal birth charts. Rahu being the God of destruction generally causes the sufferer death. The person can suddenly fall ill and pass away. Similarly Kethu causes mental weakness, physical illness and also takes away reputation making one absolutely separated from good life. The wrong positioning of Rahu and Kethu also means that a general detonation will happen in the life of the sufferer and he may also have suicidal thoughts in his mind as because a bad Kethu causes demonization and Rahu already reaches for the death of the person.
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