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  • Tirupattur Brahmapureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Tirupattur Brahmapureeshwarar Shiva Temple, Thirupattur, Nr Trichy, TamilNadu

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This Brahma temple is in Tirupattur, situated around 30km from Trichy. It was the only holy place that is rarely described on the record of India's few Brahmadev temples in Thirupattur. As this is primarily a Shiva shrine, it is very carefully associated with Master Brahma, and an historical temple for Brahma exists in the shrine area itself.
Legendary references narrate Lord Brahma's awe-inspiring pride as the Creator of the Universe. Since Master Brahma had supremacy of power of creation he was of belief that he is more established than Master Shiva. This intelligence of pleasure by Master Brahma triggered Master Shiva, who destroyed Lord Brahma's Fifth Head & He was cursed that He would lose His power of creation. Dropping Fifth head & all his abilities, Master Brahma noticed after his error since his endowed responsibility of development was impacted and so worshipped Master Shiva at different places.During the course of His pilgrimage, Master Brahma frequented Thirupattur and worshipped Master Shiva under a Magizha shrub with water from encompassing container, now recognized as Brahma Theertham. He also set up 12 lingams around in this place and worshipped Shiva for a lengthy period. Being shifted by Master Brahma's wishes, Master Shiva, on Devi Parvathy's attraction, provided Him darshan under the Magizha shrub and separated Him from His problem, so that He could start His endowed responsibility of Creation again. Hence Master Shiva is known as Sri Brahmapureeswarar here. Lord Shiva also endowed Master Brahma that He would have an individual shrine at this holy place. He also recommended Master Brahma that since Brahma himself had His success rewritten here; He should reword the success of His enthusiasts going to this shrine. The Temple discovery is discussed in the hymns of the recognized Saivite St. Sundarar.
It's a very little pilgirm place and does not look anything unique until seen and observed. The shrine is just like any other holy place with a sanctorum for God/ Goddess & other associated God/ Goddess men Dhwajasthambam and a lake.The primary idol of Shiva Linga is lit normally from sunshine even after 7 praharas or passages.On top of this, 3 times every season, sun's radiation straight drop on to the idol which turns out to be amazing.The large idol of Brahma with complete of tejas ,the outdoor umbrella created of rudhraksha for nandhi, It seems really large and unique .That's why Shiva is known as Brahmapureeswarar here. Also mother Parasakthi provided returning all his gloss and that's why the ambal is known as Brahma Sampath Gowri. Also, Shiva endowed Brahma with the energy of modifying the ill destiny of anyone who praise Brahma hereThe jeeva samathi of the yoga exercises creator Patanjali within the temple.
Followers believe that a individual can modify his destiny by looking for the delights of Master Brahma at Sri Brahmapureeswarar shrine, Tirupattur. As opposed to common impact, there is more than one Master Brahma temple in India.Frequent praise of Master Brahma is performed here. Nowadays, this shrine only became a well known pilgrimage location over the last few decades, but crowd of fanatics now come to provide praise to Brahmadev. Monday and Thursdays are the most preferred periods for getting darshan.Also,The traditional festival is celebrated every year on the Maasi Maham day.
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