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  • Parikkal Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Anjaneyar Temple-Parikkal

Parikkal Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Anjaneyar Temple

Parikkal, Villupuram, TamilNadu
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The Parikkal Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Anjaneyar Temple is one of the oldest and the most magnificent of temples that are located in the Villuparam region. The temple which is based in the state of Tamil Nadu is believed to free people from all kinds of debts, diseases and other problems as well.There are various bus and cab services that are available to people for reaching the Villuparam region of Tamil Nadu. The weather here is mostly pleasant throughout the year, but summers can be a bit tough so one should take care in case they will be visiting this place during the summer months.
A king by the name of Vasantharaja ruled this place and wished to build a temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The king was quite frustrated by the continuous problems that were being created by Parakalasura who was said to be the relative of Hiranyakashipu( Hiranayakashipu was killed by Lord Narasimhas). Vsantharaja started a penance here following his Gurus advice and seeing the kings' sincere dedication and reverence; Lord Narasimha appeared and killed the demon. The king wanted to witness the softer side of Lord Vishnu and requested Goddess Lakshmi to appear along with Narasimha. Goddess Lakshmi fulfilled the king's wish and appeared before him. King Vasantharaja was pleased to see Lord Narasimha in this avatar and he requested the place to be named after the demon who gave him the opportunity to witness this avatar of lord Narasimha. Hence, this place is known by Parikkal puram.The temple was originaly built using red bricks, wood and lime by Vasantharaja. The original temple was destroyed during the Mogul period. The temple was later built by Veera Narasimha using granite. Veera Narasimha belonged to the state of Karnataka and Lord Narasimha is regarded as the Kula devta of the people that belong to the state of Karnataka..
There are two idols of Lord Anjaneya that are installed in this temple. Just like Lord Narasimha, Lord Anajeya is also worshipped here by the devotees. It is also believed that devotees can rid themselves off their enemies, diseases and debts by worshipping Lord Narasimha here. Yet another striking feature about the temple is the inscriptions that can be found on the walls of the temple. There are many inscriptions on the wall of the temple that date back to hundreds of years. There are various symbols also that are included along with the inscriptions. There are inscriptions of fish on the walls of the temple which depict King Vasantharaja's dream in which he saw fishes.
There are quite a few festivals that are celebrated in the temple besides the daily rituals. There is a festival called Thai, on the fifth day of which, the idol of Lord Narasimha is taken for a procession on the river Pennai and is kept there all night. On a full moon day, the Lord is taken for a procession on the Kedila River. There is one more festival by the name of Panguni Uthiram during which the Lord is taken for a procession to the nearby village of Orathur. Every month there is a festival by the name of Thirumanjanam during which, a procession is carried out inside the temple. It is considered auspicious to visit the temple on every Saturday.
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