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  • Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth-Garbharakshambikai
  • Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth-Garbharakshambikai
  • Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth-Garbharakshambikai
  • Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth-Garbharakshambikai
  • Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth-Garbharakshambikai
  • Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth-Garbharakshambikai

Puja For Pregnancy & Safe Child Birth

Garbharakshambikai, Tirukarugavoor, Nr Tanjore, TamilNadu
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Parenthood is a great experience that most couples look forward to. Sadly, it is not always easy for a couple to conceive. With the lifestyle we lead today, involving busy schedules, little exercise and poor nutrition, getting pregnant can be difficult. Couples can, however, have faith in Goddess Parvati and perform a pooja to her: this is a sure way to conceive with ease. It is seen sometimes that couples cannot conceive, and even when they do, the foetus is lost in a miscarriage. Some women suffer from multiple miscarriages, and this makes them very miserable. This is a very unfortunate state of affairs that can make a couple feel very depressed, and can even lead to problems in their relationship. Instead of losing hope, though, such couples should turn to Garbharakshambikai. A puja is to be performed at her temple, in which a pot of ghee is placed in the temple, and then mantras are chanted over it, which instils the oil with all the divine blessings of the Goddess Parvati. Other offerings are also made to the Goddess, such as flowers, fruit etc. Later, the ghee is given to the couple, who must consume a little of it every day for a fixed period of time. If all of this is done, it is certain that the couple will be able to conceive
This temple, located in Tirukarugavoor, in the state of Tamil Nadu, is a very important temple. Standing in a very serene, beautiful spot, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. The name Garbharakshambikai means 'Goddess who protects the child in the womb'. Legend has it that Parvati was approached by a distraught woman who was expecting a child, but had been unjustly cursed, so that her baby would be deformed. The Goddess immediately agreed to protect the embryo till it was born, and fulfilled her promise. The Goddess is always compassionate towards those who want to conceive, and towards women who are already expecting. This is why couples perform puja at this temple when they find that they cannot conceive. It is very evident that the Goddess really does help devotees who perform poojas for her. In the small town where the temple is situated, it has been seen that no woman has ever had problems related to conception, pregnancy or child birth. All children born there are energetic and healthy. Childless couples who have faith in the Goddess can also benefit in the same way, and in time, they will be blessed with a child. All it takes is a simple puja, which the couple can perform themselves, or have performed on their behalf. When the couple is indeed blessed with a child, through the benevolence of the Goddess, the couple must go back to the temple to thank her for her limitless kindness. Every day, many such happy couples visit the temple to thank the Goddess, which should give hope to others who are visiting the temple, too.
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