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  • Sri Gajalakshmi Sannadhi-Mahalakshmi
  • Sri Gajalakshmi Sannadhi-Mahalakshmi
  • Sri Gajalakshmi Sannadhi-Mahalakshmi

Sri Gajalakshmi Sannadhi

Mahalakshmi, Abathsagayeshwarar Shiva Temple, Alangudi,Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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The Sri Gajalakshmi Sannadhi is situated in the Abathsagayeshwarar Shiva Temple. The temple is in the heart of the place Aalangudi. The main tower is of five tiers constructed very aesthetically. Those afflicted with serpent planet aspects, suffering from some fear and confusion pray here and for removal of obstacles in marriage talks, for achieving excellence in academic field.
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