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  • Sri Dhanvantari Sannadhi-Sri Ranganathar Temple-Srirangam
  • Sri Dhanvantari Sannadhi-Sri Ranganathar Temple-Srirangam

Sri Dhanvantari Sannadhi

Sri Ranganathar Temple, Srirangam,Nr Trichy, TamilNadu
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The temple is located in the remote village of Keelpudupettai of Wallajapet at Vellore Distrct of Tamil Nadu. It is said the original temple is 500 years old. On entering the temple complex is the Shrine for Vaastu Bhagavan. The Bhagavan is in a lying posture surrounded by Indra, Agni, Vayu, Varuna and Kubera. The head of the deity represents Shiva, the belly, Brahma and the pada, Vishnu. Navadanya is offered to the Homa to seek His blessings.
The vigraha is 2 m tall. Devotees carry out the homam, a sacrificial fire ceremony, with a variety of medicinal plants, herbs, fruits, and flowers in a huge fire pit (homa kundam). This wafts the offering's medicinal properties into the air to be breathed in to help alleviate ailments. In this sannidhi, for archana, dry ginger, chillies and jaggery mix is offered, instead of coconut. A highlight of this temple is the 468 Shiva lingams spread over the quadrangle of the temple grounds where rituals are performed daily. Devotees can move along the lingams and can have darshan of all the lingams and perform abhisekam for the lingams.
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