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  • Puja for Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja for Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja for Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Puja for Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems

Puja In 3 Temples For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems

Vaitheeswaran Kovil,Nr Nagapattinam, In Vaidyanathaswamy Temple, Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu & In Sri Dhanvantari Temple,Srirangam, TamilNadu
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It is correctly inferred that health is wealth. When one is not perfectly fit in the body or in the mind, then they will do everything that they can, in order to be cured. An illness that is not diagnosed or treated easily can cause the patient to become despondent and sorrowful, and people who are unwell find that they cannot think of anything other than their health issues. Unfortunately, the lifestyle that most of us follow today can give rise to many different kinds of health issues, some of which are very difficult to rectify once they do arise. Whether an illness is a minor one, or something grave, whether it is in its starting stage, or it has advanced, a puja for relieving oneself of an illness proves to be beneficial, nonetheless.
Information about the Vaitheeswaran Kovil temple: This temple is located in Tamil Nadu, and is well-known as a place where devotees are cured of all kind of diseases. This is a very important Shaivite temple, and Shiva, in the avatar of Vaitheeswaran, is the presiding deity here. Vaitheeswaran is a God who can cure any disease, and his consort stands next to him in this temple, holding a vessel of healing oil. At this temple is a large tank, bathing in which is a certain way to get rid of any kind of health problems, especially those related to the skin, such as leprosy or white marks on the skin. Information about the puja that is performed here: Apart from this bath, there is also a puja which can be done to ask the deities for their blessings in matters of good health. In this puja, salt, pepper and other traditional items are offered to the deities. Next, from shops on the temple premises, devotees can buy tiny silver-plated replicas of the organs which are ailing in their body. These replicas are then presented to the gods. Benefits of this puja: Every year, through the puja, thousands of devotees are healed of diseases which they thought they would never be able to overcome. Information about the Vaidyanathaswamy Shiva Temple: The severest of diseases, even if they have caused suffering to a devotee for years, can be cured at this temple through a puja performed to please Lord Shiva. Information about the puja that is performed here: In one specific puja, boiled rice and rasam are offered to the deity at this temple. While the pujas are very simple, they are equally effective. Devotees often tell their stories, that they had seen many different specialists in order to find a solution to their health problems, but without any positive result. Often, when bhaktas, despairing, turn at last to the temple, they are very moved by how kind Lord Shiva is, and feel that they were foolish for not turning to the Lord earlier. Benefits of the puja: Indeed, it is faith in the almighty Lord that is very important here, and which has proved its worth to innumerable devotees over hundreds of years. It is certain that when a puja is performed sincerely, and the worshipper has confidence in the benevolence and powers of the gods, there is no illness that cannot be healed.