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  • Kundadam Kala Bhairavar Temple-Kundadam, Erode
  • Kundadam Kala Bhairavar Temple-Kundadam, Erode
  • Kundadam Kala Bhairavar Temple-Kundadam, Erode
  • Kundadam Kala Bhairavar Temple-Kundadam, Erode

Kundadam Kala Bhairavar Temple

Kundadam, Dharapuram, Erode, TamilNadu
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Lord Bhairava is an ancient deity whose origin can be traced long back during the time of Lord Krishna, it is proclaimed that the birth of Lord Bhairava was from a small nail of Lord Krishna, and is an important aspect of the Hindu Mythology and is considered important to not only Hindus, but also to Buddhists, and is worshiped at several places in India and to a certain extent tin Nepal.
Lord Shri Ram decided to conduct Shiva pooja in Rameswaram to get rid of all the sins that he had on killing the great Ravana in the war. He sent Sri Anjaneya .ie Hanuman to Kasi and asked him to get the Shivalinga from there. When He returned with the Linga, Lord Kalabhairava also came with him. Kalabhairava was kind of a guard to the temple. While the temple was being closed, the key of the temple would be kept before Lord Kalabhairava. Anyone trying to touch those keys, would be sure to meet his end. ?The story of the existence and significance or the lord goes as, once due to an unpleasant conversation between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, in which Lord Brahma asked Lord Vishnu to worship him cause of his might through which the entire universe was created; Lord Brahma started manifesting himself as an equivalent of Lord Shiva and proclaimed the work done by Lord Shiva as his own and interfered in the matters of Lord Shiva, witnessing this, Lord Shiva threw a small nail from his finger, which transposed in Kala Bhairava, who headed towards the beheading of Lord Brahma; this brought a sense of enlightenment which proved to be positive for himself and to the World.
Hence, Lord Kala Bhairava is affiliated with Lord Krishna and The Trishul is recognized as its weapon, Dog is known to be the mount of Kala Bhairava, hence while a lot of dogs are attacked by the people on the street, dogs in this temple simply enjoy luxuries. The ideology behind this is that both bad and good should be surrendered to the feet of God as & when they materialize. 'Veda Gnani' which means , a knowledgeable creature is another name for Dog.The temple while is situated in the place Kundadam has its justification, this place was previously called as 'konra-Idam' which marks the historic event of Bheema killing the treacherous Keesakan who proved to be a problem to Draupati, another significance that is traced out is the Pandavas while serving their exile ventured out to the country where they were identified by Duryodhan.
During the month of April & May falls the festival of Chitra Poornima, during this time there are special poojas organized and performed on Sundays, Ashtami 8th day from new moon or full moon day, during the full moon day, Bhairavashtami during Karthikai (November-December).There are specific pooja's to relieve oneself from diseases, developing mental health and for realizing righteous desires, they are performed on new moon period Ashtami Days. All this poojas and gathering become a great point of attraction and people participate in good numbers to seek the blessing and reap the benefits.
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