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Puja in 2 Temples for Sarpa Dosham

Vetticode Nagaraja Temple & Tirupaampuram Raahu Kethu Temple
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The Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple in Kerala is one of the most religious temples when it comes to the devotees who pray to the serpent gods. Thiruppampuram is a village situated 3 kms away from Karkaththi, Tamil Nadu. This is the 59th of the hymn ordained temples south of the Kaaveri river. Smt Thirgnanaasambandar has sung pathigam on his temple.
It is said that the King of Kalakkad visited the temple, seeking a cure for his leprosy. Upon completing his penance in front of the status of the serpent king, he was miraculously cured. In gratitude, the king ordered the repair and expansion of the temple, and made it into the current majestic structure that it is today. Chola king, the successor of Vijayalaya Chola (Tirugnanasambandar era) renovated many brick-built temples into stone ones and Thiruppampuram is one among them. Of the 15 inscriptions found in this temple, most are found in the outer ring –six in the north, one in east,four in west and two in the south. Of these, the oldest is from the period of Kulothunga chola the third (11 78-1218 AD).