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One Year [12 Months] Nithya Puja/Shashwatha Puja/Kattalai PujaKodumudi,Erode, TamilNadu

Puja For Jobs/Promotion/Better Career Prospects, Enkan Adi Narayana Perumal Vishnu Temple, TAMIL NADU
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This is a Vaishnava temple with presiding deity Perumal appears on Garuda in the sanctum itself. We see Perumal in temples in sitting, standing or reclining form only. The Lord appears on Garuda only during festivals. This is a temple where Garuda Seva is available to the devotee every day. People with the Mrigasheersha star worship here for quick solutions to the problems they face.
According to the legends, Sage Bruhu was performing penance here surrounded by Vanni trees. A chola king who had been hunting made a lot of noise to hunt a lion. This interrupted the penance of the sage. He cursed the king that he would have a lion's face as he had chosen that place for hunting where sages are engaged in penance. The king begged for a remedy. The sage suggested that he bathed in Vettraru river known as Vruddha Cauvery and worship Perumal. The king followed the advice of the sage and got back his human face. The place assumed importance for Mrigasheersha star as the king was relieved from the Mriga (animal) face.
This special puja helps one receive blessings from four different temples. This puja is highly advised for people looking for jobs. The blessings from these four temples help one in achieving whatever he or she desires. A simple puja at even one these temples provides wondrous results. A positive growth in one's career is very evident. Even hard working honest employees, who in spite of their sincere efforts, do not receive any good results from the same, may be suffering from a dosha of the professional life. These people will see good results if they offer this puja. The puja also acts as a massive confidence booster and helps one seeking jobs and growth in career. It is recommended for all professionals looking to move ahead in life .
Vaikunda Ekadasi is celebrated during December and January. Garuda Panchami and Gokhulashtami during August and September and Sri Rama Navami between March and April are the festivals celebrated in this temple.