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Kalsarpa shanti at Harihareshwar temple

Harihareshwar temple, Harihareshwar, Maharashtra
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This pooja is advised to correct / mitigate misfortune caused due to a specific positioning / alignment of planets in the birth chart of a person. NOTE: Kalsarpa pooja is only conducted at very few temples in India. This is one of the important sites for conducting this pooja.
The Harihareshwar temple has a rich, ancient history, and records state that in 1600s, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a regular patron of the temple. Subsequently in 1723, the reigning Peshwa restored the temple. Since then, the Peshwa family was responsible for managing and maintaining the temple until 1820. Eminent members of the family such as Baji Rao I, Ramabai (wife of Peshwa Madhavarao), and Nanasaheb Purandare prayed to the deities for welfare and good health of the family, as well as to cure illnesses or solve problems. The temple was largely neglected during the British rule of India. Post-independence, a separate trust was established, which continues to run the temple to this date.
Nestled among four imposing hills representing Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Parvati, lies a tiny hamlet called Harihareshwar. In the village of Harihareshwar, the famous sage Agastya performed a great penance for the tri-deities Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and the shakti Parvati. When the Gods blessed him, he asked that they appear and reside in the village so that many devotees could seek their blessings. And thus, the linga-roop of these deities (including that of Shakti who normally is worshipped in idol format) appeared and around it, the Harihareshwar temple was built. To the West of the Harihareshwar temple, there is a Kalbhairava (see section below for additional information) temple as well; which is similar to Uttarkashi (located in present day Uttarakhand). Whenever a devotee visits, the custom is to first pray at the Kalbhairava temple, proceed to the Harihareshwar temple, and seek blessings at the Kalbhairava temple once more before leaving. Kalbhairava deity is known as ‘Dakshin-mukhi Kalbhairav’. Ujjain has ‘Uttar-mukhi Kalbhairava’ temple. Kalbhairava here is fierce form of the God. We see Yogeshwari goddess by side of Kalbhairva. Yogeshwari devi is incarnation of Parvati and is believed to be bhoot-sanharini. (destroyer of ghost) NOTE: Critical poojas such as Kalsarpa Shanti, Narayan Nagbali, (which have to be performed to avoid great misfortune and malefic effects due to unfavorable planetary combinations in the horoscope) can be administered only at very few temples in India, and Harihareshwar is one of them. Also, Kaul prasad which is way of seeking direct answers from deity, is also offered only at very few temples in India, Kalbhairava temple being one of them. This further underscores the high importance of this temple and its religious significance in the heritage of India. Kalbhairava temple is very popular for remedy on black magic and catching an evil eye.
The temple celebrates Kartik Utsav with great gusto between the full moon (pournima) of the months of Ashwin and Kartik as per Hindu calendar. The end of the celebration is marked with an elaborate Pooja conducted by the existing Peshwa family performed in the traditional way of the Peshwas. The temple also celebrates Kalbhairav Jayanti (on Saptami, Ashtami and Navami of the month of Kartik), Mahashivratri, and Ram Navami.
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