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Weekly Puja for One month in Udupi Krishna Temple

Udupi Krishna Temple, Udupi, Mangalore
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Udupi Sri krishna Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna which is situated along the coastal region at an approximate distance of 60 kilometers from Mangalore. This is well connected by roads and buses ply every half an hour from Mangalore. The specialty of the temple is the idol of Lord Krishna which is adorned with heavy jewelry. It is believed that the Math was built by staunch supporters of Lord Krishna who have contributed in the construction of it.
It is believed that the temple in the form of Matha was found by Shri Madhwacharya somewhere in the 13th century. He was a staunch Vaishnavite and also the founder of Dvaita literature. Story tells that there was once a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna named Kanakadasa, It worshipped the lord day and night performing all the rituals. He used to sit infront of the Matha and perform his meditation daily. Once day, there was a huge earthquake which caused a crack in the Matha. Miraculously, the crack was only so thick, that Kanakadasa, was able to glance and worship the lord Krishna. That crack today is known as Kanakanakhindi. It is the same spot where the temple has been built, as seen today. In fact, the devotees can worship the Lord only through this Kanakanakhind which has been kept intact ever since.
The temple holds high religious importance as it is one of the eight Matha dedicated to Lord Krishna. People flock in from all over India to get a glimpse of the Lord and ask him for his blessings.
A unique fact about the temple is that it is entirely managed by Astha Mathas which refers to the wight temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. Each Matha gets to render their service for a period of two years and then pass on the league. The same goes on in a cyclic manner. The Krishna Math's have a unique signature of their own, known for indulging in rituals, traditional beliefs and Literature like the Dvaita. It helps to promote literature by offering free education to the children below 14 years of age.Another unique fact about the temple is that anyone can peep in and see through Kanakanakhind to worship Lord Krishna. This bars any restriction in terms of caste, creed or color.
The temple is an abode to many festivals such as Ramanavami, Nrisimha, navarathridasara, Holi, Ganesha Chathurthi, Anantha Chathurdashi, Thulasi Pooja, Subrahmanya shashti and Dhanu Puja. All the festivals are held adhering to strict rituals as per the temple norms. Sri Krishna Janmashtmiis celerbrated here with great pomp and grandeur and attracts tourists and devotees from all over the world. Once in two years when the head of the Math changes, celebrations are done in the month of January on a grand scale. It is known as Paryayothsava. This is the specialty of this temple. Another festival which includes worshiping lord in golden chariot is also an important one which is observed in this temple
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