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  • Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles
  • Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles

Tirumangalakudi Mangalambikai Prananadeshwarar Shiva Parvati Temple

Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles, Tirumangalakudi, Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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This special puja helps one receive blessings from four different temples. This puja is highly advised for people looking forward to getting married. The puja helps in protecting the Mangalsutra. Thus, couples are blessed with an eternally married life.The blessings from these four temples help one in achieving whatever he or she desires. A simple puja at even one these temples provides wondrous results. A positive growth in one's married life is very evident. The puja also acts as a massive confidence booster and helps couples seeking marriage or facing issues in it.
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