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  • Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles
  • Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles
  • Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles

Mangaimadam Veera Narasimha Swamy Temple Poompuhar Tamilnadu

Puja For Early Marriage/Removing Wedding Obstacles
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Mangaimadam Veera Narasimhar Temple is believed to be around 1000 years old. This is located in the small city of Poompuhar in the state of Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Narasimhar who is sometimes also referred to as Veerum and hence the name of the temple Veera Barasimhar. This is a unique temple which attracts thousands of devotees all year round.
Historians believe that long back there was a king of Thiruvalli, known as Thirumangai Mannab back in the period of Chola's. He was a very benevolent king who was known for its goodness. He was a very big devotee of Lord Vishnu and wanted to adopt Vasihnavism. In order to achieve the same, he decided to offer special food called the Thathiyaaraadhanai to about thousands of people for about a year. This was his way of showing devotion towards the lord. The lord was pleased with this gesture and thus blessed him with a beautiful wife Kumudhavalli. After marrying her and attaining Vaishnavism in the place of Mangaimadam, the king decided to build a huge and magnificent temple in the same spot.
This temple is a part of the 108 divyadeshams devoted to Lord Vishnu and besides that, it is additionally prominent in the series of Narasimha Kshetrams which are five in number. Five Narasimhas are situated in five areas and the last shape Lakshmi Narasimha is set in this temple. People come here abroad to look for blessings for marriage, youngsters, wellbeing, and riches. It is extremely devout to hold ceremonies on Thursdays by offering diya.
A unique fact about the temple is that this forms the last in the series of Panch Narasimha Kshetrams which are shrines located to Lord Narasimha, all situated in the south of India. Further, legends unfold the story that Goddess Lakshmi was found on a lotus which has been marked here with her idol. A lotus always flowers at the very spot even without water and this is considered to be a miracle of Goddess. The architecture of the temple is again unique in its sculpture, design and the way the shrines encompass the idols of the lord.
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