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  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children

Nalladai Agneeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children, Nalladai,Nagapattinam, TamilNadu
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While many kinds of medical treatments are available today for couples who cannot seem to conceive, these treatments are not always successful, and often take the time to bring results. In some cases, the problem is such that no cure is known to medical science that can make conception possible for a couple. In such a situation, it is understandable that the couples undergoing treatment become very depressed, and bitterness may even start to creep into their relationship. At such a time, it can be beneficial for the couple to turn to Lord Shiva, and perform a pooja to him.
This temple is close to Nagapattinam, and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has quite a legend behind it, and it is believed that those born under the Bharani star should pray here often if they want to excel in whatever they do. What is also important is that people have been performing poojas at this temple for hundreds of years in order to be blessed with children. Lord Shiva and the Mother, who are the presiding deities at this temple, are compassionate and bestow the boon of having a child on couples who perform a ceremony for the same at the temple.
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