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  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children
  • Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children

Tanjore Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Temple

Puja For Pregnancy/To Conceive/Beget Children, Thanjavur, TamilNadu
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The Tanjore Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Temple is one among the most worshiped and holy temples in Tamil Nadu. Tanjore is known for having temples that are not only historic but are also extremely illustrious. The temples are said to have the shadows of many gods and goddesses. Known for being pure and beautiful, the city of Tanjore has a rich cultural and mythological history. Krishna is known to be an incarnation of Vishnu. He is responsible for new life on earth. The child-like avatar of Lord Krishna, also known as Gopal, is an example of how a perfect child should be and how god exists within children. Through a lot of situations, the importance of Lord Krishna while having a child is shown in history. Gopal symbolizes the fact that god is present in every child. When women conceive, friends and relatives give them a picture or an idol of Gopal, keeping the same belief in mind. This is because a lot of miracles have been witnessed by several devotees who have worshiped at this temple. The main idol of the temple is called Srinivasa and it is said that for a period of three months, every day the sun's ray falls on the idol of the god. Therefore, devotees chose to believe that this is a way where God lets his believers know that the light will definitely come in their life too. Many women put coconut and light ghee diyas on the doors of the temple so that their personal wishes can be fulfilled by Lord Krishna and he bestows the house of the devotee with his own presence in the form of a newborn child.
Sarpa Dosha is believed to be caused due to Sarpa Sapa or curse of the serpents. The origin of Sarpa Dosha is mythic and unexplained in classics. It is said that there is a mystic power of serpents that rule the world. The Sarpa Dosha is explained as it comes from killing the serpents in previous or present life by self or by father or grandfather and not performing the rituals for the same. The curse affects the lives in a negative way. Getting rid of it becomes necessary to lead a peaceful life. This puja ensures that the effect of the curse is removed from one's life.
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