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  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity

Semponsei Perumal Temple

Puja For Wealth & Prosperity, Vishnu, Tirunaangur, TamilNadu
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Money is not everything, as true as it is, one can also not deny the simple fact if not everything, money is very well something and an essential something which is unquestionably a part and parcel of our everyday lives. Money is nothing less than the axis on which our lives are spinning today. It is a basic necessity and the luxury both in one. And it is only natural, given the turns the world is taking, that every individual wishes himself a prosperous and lavish life. Everyone wants to take the pleasure of tasting the riches and the gold, and yes, it is not just a dream never to come true! You can get the blessings of gold and wealth by devoting yourself in puja at Semponsei Perumal Temple in Tamil Nadu.
It is one of the 108 Divya Desams, this is the temple for which Lord Himself raised the fund to build this temple. The diety faces east. Perumal is praised by many names as Semponnarangar, Herambar, and Perarulalan. The Vimana above the sanctum is known as Kanaka Vimanam. He is Arulalan in His Paramapatha kingdom. As he is also with us forever pouring his grace, he is called Perarulalan-All-Merciful. Mother Alli Mamalar Nachiar is gracing the devotees along with Mother Bhoomadevi. A Brahmin called Kashyapa, who lived in Kancheepuram, lost all his wealth and was reduced to a pauper. He came to this holy land, chanted the 'Ohm Namo Narayanaya' mantra 32 thousand times within three days surrendering at Lord's feet. All-Merciful Perumal blessed him with all riches.
 The Semponsei Perumal stands out as the only Divya Desa, where the Perumal himself gave the money for the construction, as, upon the advice of Muni Dhrudanetra, for cleansing himself off the Brahamahathya sin brought upon by the death of Ravana at his hands, Lord Rama stayed at his hermitage and made a gold cow, entering in which he performed penance for four days. At the fifth day, Lord Rama donated this cow to the Brahmin, who collected the wealth on selling it later and used it all for building the temple. And so, the place got the name Sem Pon Sei Koil.
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